• May 29th, 2020

Michael Amushelelo’s bank balance

 Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK- Forex Trader and self-proclaimed Financial Expert Micheal Amushelelo is our top trending video for this week. His bank balance has us in our feels and wondering what is it that we are not doing right.

He uploaded a clip on Instagram of him showing us his bank balance from two local bank accounts, with one account having an amount of N$4 220 477.51. “I am not doing this because I want to brag, well I could brag a little but this is pretty much more revision. These are zeros on my account. The numbers almost look like a cellphone number, almost look like a recharge voucher,” said Amushelelo while snapping his Instagram story.

He further says if one keeps on putting in the work, the results will eventually show. “That’s all you need to keep doing,” he advices. 

It doesn’t end there as he goes to another local bank, as a silver card member, the second bank balance stands at a massive N$2 621 364.58.
“They use to call me a fake trillionaire, I don’t have money, and I am a scam. All my balance look like cellphone numbers so let the people make noise and just keep working and eventually everything pays off,” he concluded.


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2019-09-20 08:46:07 | 8 months ago

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