• February 22nd, 2020

Milk Tart Day celebrated with mouth-watering treats

 Donna Collins

Who knew that we celebrated the humble Milk Tart - with ‘National Milk Tart Day’ set aside each year on February 27, giving credence to one of the most popular desserts on the planet? 

In addition, who better to promote this mouth-watering treat than the local coffee shops and restaurants, some of whom went all out to make the most of this occasion by serving a variety of delicious Milk Tart specials. One, the Village Cafe in Swakopmund which is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, and has been keeping the Milk Tart tradition alive ever since by including it as one of the highlights on its dessert menu. To celebrate National Milk Tart Day, they pulled out all the stops, and offered a variety of Milk Tart specials, which included everything from milk tart slices, milk tart cup cakes, milk tart filled pancakes and even milk tart milk shakes. “The Milk Tart is one of our most popular desserts amongst the overseas tourists, and especially the South African visitors because of its heritage,” says Ananda Snyman, Manager, adding that their Milk Tart or ‘Melktert’, as it is called in Afrikaans, is a dessert loved by so many people that it is little wonder it needed its own special day. 

The milk tart is a classic South African dessert which originated from Dutch settlers in the 1600s, and was perfected by South Africans through generations, after which it found its way into Namibia, where it needs little introduction. This delicious teatime treat is a ‘national treasure’ and is often available at every bake sale, home industry, supermarket or bakery around the country. Known for its light texture and strong milk flavour, traditional milk tart is typically made up of a sweet patsy crust with a creamy filling.

Whilst most of us know and love the traditional milk tart, today there are many variations of the simple recipe, and unflappable milk tart has undergone an exciting evolution through the years. With different flavours and ingredients adding variety to the taste and texture to the milk tart, whose base comprises milk, eggs, flour and corn starch.  Today there are all kinds of milk tart-inspired foods and even drinks, ranging from ice cream, to pancakes, to shooters. Weg Magazine first started national Milk Tart Day in South Africa in collaboration with ‘Ladysmith Botter’ on February 27, 2013, by creating recognition for this tasty dessert, with Namibia following in their footsteps. The celebration has ever since been gathering momentum, with country wide milk tart ‘bake-offs’ and competitions introducing some delicious new recipes, all the while sticking to the original format of what made this simple tart so famous in the first place. 

National Milk Tart Day is also a lead up to National Pancake Day being on March 5, and held on the eve of Ash Wednesday, marking the beginning of Lent. National Pancake Day is celebrated in the USA in some states, in New Zealand, Ireland and other countries. 


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