• April 2nd, 2020

Minister wants youth to grab conservation opportunities

Aletta Shikololo

KAMANJAB – Minister of Environment and Tourism Pohamba Shifeta has called upon young people, in particular those in rural areas, to take up opportunities available under conservation institutions to empower themselves.

Speaking at the National Youth Week Day held in Kamanjab, the minister said a range of opportunities exists in the conservation sector and young people should grab them.

“Think of the opportunities and needs we have in our rural areas for tour guiding, anti-poaching activities such as patrolling and monitoring, maintenance of critical infrastructure such as fencing, roads, signage, vehicles and waterholes, research, wildlife capture and translocation and so on,” the minister urged young people.

Shifeta said that even though the value of wildlife conservation is undermined and overlooked, Namibia’s tourism sector, which is the 3rd largest contributor to gross domestic product, is mainly dependent on wildlife and landscapes.
He emphasised the enhancement and maintenance of the star attractions so that the country continues to attract tourist visitors.

Shifeta couldn’t contain his excitement about efforts made to engage and empower young people in matters relating to the protection of natural resources.

Kamanjab Constituency Councillor Engenesia Tjaritje-Esingua, also a speaker at the event, encouraged young people to develop a culture of being employers, not employees, and refrain from depending on government handouts.
She said, “Make use of whatever opportunity, in particular micro projects, that government offers to create self-employment.”



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2019-04-29 09:46:38 | 11 months ago

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