• July 16th, 2019
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Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration

Query: President Hage Geingob, please tell the Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration to use common sense when someone applies for an ID card. How on earth do they expect someone who does not have a birth certificate to get it before they can issue them with an ID card? Why not interview the applicant in order to find out their place of birth? Response: The ministry has taken note of the concerns raised by the sender of the text message. From the onset, we would like to invite the affected person/ author of the SMS to visit our offices with more specific details on the matter. This way, we can provide the relevant assistance. Mr Sakeus Kadhikwa can be contacted on 061-2922169/0811253674 for further assistance in this regard. As a general note, we would like to inform the public that the issuance of national documents is regulated by law. The Identification Act, Act No. 21of 1996, regulates the issuance of Identification Documents (IDs) while the Births, Marriages and Deaths Registration Act, Act No. 81 of 1963 regulates the registration of births among others. The registration of births results in the issuance of birth certificates. For one to obtain an ID they need a birth certificate. If one is a Namibian citizen but has no birth certificate they should first obtain a birth certificate (possibly go through late registration of birth process), or a citizenship certificate before they can apply for an ID. This is the procedure and we request the nationals of Namibia to adhere to it. Word of mouth is unfortunately not adequate. A place of birth is also not proof of citizenship, more information is required. We take this opportunity to advise those in need of national documents to visit our offices with specific queries in order to receive assistance.   * Mr Sakeus Kadhikwa, Public Relations Officer, Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration, E-mail Address: skadhikwa@mha.gov.na / sakeus@gmail.com
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2018-02-20 09:56:00 1 years ago

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