• April 25th, 2019
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Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation

Query: What is the new minimum wage for domestic workers? Response: Effective 1 October 2017, the new minimum wage for domestic workers will be as follows: PERIOD CURRENT RATE UNTIL 30 SEPTEMBER 2017 NEW RATE AS AT 1 OCTOBER 2017 Monthly N$1 353.20 N$1 502.05 Weekly N$312.30 N$346.89 (N$1 502.05 divided by 4.333) Daily N$62.45 N$69.37 (N$346.89 divided by five days) Hourly N$7.80 N$8.67 (N$69.37 divided by eight hours) Daily Rate for part-time domestic workers who work five hours or fewer per day - N$43.35 The Basic Conditions of Employment and all supplementary conditions introduced in the first Wage Order will continue as they are. However, the following were modified: Provision of a Written Employment Contract to a temporary domestic worker employed to relieve a permanent domestic worker; The Vacation of the Accommodation by the regular domestic worker to make space for a temporary live-in relief domestic worker, while the employer is obliged to provide storage for the regular employee’s belongings; and Strengthened healthy and safety protections. Query: Do I need to register as an employer of a domestic worker and why do I need to register? Response: All employers of domestic workers will be required to register with the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation as “Employers of Domestic Workers” by 30 November 2017 and to renew their registration annually. The information required upon registration forms part of the records that all employers are required to keep under Section 130(1) of the Labour Act. The registration will help the Ministry to plan and ensure compliance with the Wage Order. The official Registration Forms will be made available at all the Regional Offices of the Ministry countrywide and online (www.mol.gov.na) as from 1 October 2017.   Query: When will the Collective Agreement between the Security Association of Namibia (SAN) and other parties be extended to the entire security industry and what does it entails? Response: This Collective Agreement was extended through a Government Gazette to the entire security industry on 15 September 2017. This extension therefore makes it compulsory for all the employers and security officers to start complying with this new Collective Agreement. As from 15 September 2017, the new minimum wage is as follows:      The minimum wage for the entry level of security officers shall be N$8.75 per hour; Wages of security officers who are currently earning N$6.75 to N$7 per hour will be adjusted to a minimum of N$8.75 per hour; The minimum wage for all security officers who have been employed with their current employer for a cumulative period of no less than 12 months shall be N$10 per hour. The employers shall provide all employees with uniforms on the following basis: The employer shall retain from the employee an amount of N$300 as a deposit for the uniform; The employer shall refund the N$300 deposit to the employee at the time of the employee’s termination of service and upon the employee’s return of the full set of uniform to the employer; Should an employee neglect to return his uniform in full and/or return it in a dilapidated condition, then he/she will be held responsible for the total cost of the uniform pieces not returned. Failure to return any uniform piece can lead to legal action. The same applies to employers if they fails to refund, in full, the N$300 deposit on uniform upon return of the full set; The employer at his/its expense shall give the uniform to each employee as follows: Two pairs of trousers yearly; Two shirts/blouse yearly; A hat/cap yearly when applicable A tie every second year when applicable; Shoulder flashes every second year when applicable; A blazer every third year when applicable; A jersey yearly when applicable; The employee shall cover the full cost of shoes/boots and non-branded items such as jackets etc. A uniform item stays the property of the employer. - Maria Hedimbi, Chief Public Relations Officer, Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation, E-mail Address: maria.hedimbi@mol.gov.na
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