• July 9th, 2020

Miss Namibia Top 12 finalists announced

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK – The Miss Namibia Top 12 finalists for 2019 were announced at the Miss Namibia winter bash in Windhoek over the weekend which was hosted at the Windhoek Country Club Resort and Casino. 

Things are getting real as there are only 12 contestants left in the competition from the 33 semi-finalists that in the past few weeks had the country debating about their beauty and questioning who should take part in beauty pageants. 

The event is in its momentum stage as the country awaits for that one lady who will be the Namibian ambassador for the year of her reign.

Here are the top 12 that were selected, in no particular order: Nashya Dunaiski, Michele Labuschagne, Nadja Breytenbach, Julita-Kitwe Mbangula, Emily Kandanga, Lawren Pringle, Preclina Sagarias, Johanna Swartbooi, Varaakuani Hambira, Taylo Mannetti, Yana Haenisch, Tracy-lee Junius.

The Miss Namibia 2019 Pageant takes place on July 6 at the Windhoek Country Club Resort and Casino.

New Era Reporter
2019-06-10 09:37:27 | 1 years ago

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