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MTC awaits SIM cards legislation

2021-04-21  Maihapa Ndjavera

MTC awaits SIM cards legislation
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Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) has started with the process of registering subscriber identification module (SIM) cards in Namibia. However, the going is tough as MTC finds it difficult to finalise the process, as no legislative mandate yet exists to empower them to smoothly deal with the process. 

MTC MD Licky Erastus shared this information during a consultative meeting on Monday with the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information, Communication, Technology, and Innovation. At the meeting, the chairperson of the committee, Modestus Amutse urged MTC to register SIM cards in the country to better control illegal activities such as fraud, fake news and other crimes.

According to information minister Peya Mushelenga, the government passed the new regulation in March this year for SIM card users under section 77 of the Communications Act of 2009. The enforcement date of the new regulation is yet to be announced.

Police spokesperson Kauna Shikwambi commended the process of SIM registrations, saying this is a notable move that will help police officers in tracing suspects faster.

“This will enhance police officers’ services in terms of investigations. Criminals will now be reluctant to plan their bad moves and this will reduce the crime rate in the country. The police will be grateful when the process materialises,” said Shikwambi.

Uatjiri Mbaisa, an MTC customer, said the SIM registration requirement is an invasion of privacy. “This is nothing but the interference of personal information and privacy that might also be used to prosecute citizens for holding opinions, not in favour of leaders,” she noted.  -

2021-04-21  Maihapa Ndjavera

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