• July 9th, 2020

MTC launches new data sharing services with ‘Taamba’

MTC last week confirmed the imminent launch of its ‘Taamba’ product line, which will be offering three solutions, namely Taamba Gifting, Taamba Advance, and Taamba Transfer. According to MTC’s Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs officer Tim Ekandjo, the development of this new product follows years of research and development, informed by market research, consumer study processes and service keenness from the market, looking for convenient products to transform the mobile data market. The word taamba means ‘take’ in Oshiwambo.  

Of the three solutions, Taamba Gifting was launched last week and is already operational. Taamba Gifting allows subscribers to buy data bundles for someone else directly from their available credit, thus alleviating the hassle of purchasing airtime for someone and them having to then convert it to data bundles. 
Taamba Advance is an airtime advancing service, which a customer can pre-select to request an amount of airtime when their balance is on zero for use, and then pay it back next time they recharge. This is crucial, especially in cases of emergencies. The last product line is Taamba Transfer, which is like airtime transfer and allows a subscriber to transfer a chunk of data from their available data to any MTC customer. 

Asked what impelled the design of such solutions, Ekandjo said a customer-centric approach is at the core of MTC’s everyday business practices. “We are always listening to our customers and constantly thinking of innovative ways that satisfactorily attend to their demands; these innovatively designed solutions will transform the mobile data market to the benefit of our consumers”.  

MTC’s Chief Commercial Officer Melvin Angula explained product designs are always tailored to answer customers’ needs and the only way to do that is by listening and understanding what the market wants. “To gift one with data is quite simple. All you have to do is dial *682# and follow the simple instructions; alternatively, call our 24 hours contact centre for assistance,” explained Angula 

He added MTC will always be on the forefront of pioneering solutions such as the launch of these products, which is the company’s way of ensuring it brings convenience to its consumers. 
“In a fast-paced technological industry, the golden rule is to innovate, adopt, and remain relevant. Which is why late last year, we launched VoLTE (Voice over Long Term Evolution) and VoWIFI (Voice-over WIFI) on our network – and today, we are talking of Taamba product solutions. It is about continuous innovation,” Angula continued. 

VoLTE is a technology that allows compatible mobile smartphones to make voice calls over 4G network. Initially, 4G network was mainly an enabler for data and internet activities, i.e. web browsing, streaming, downloading and uploading internet contents, whilst the voice calls service was strictly supported by 2G and 3G technology. 

However, with the introduction of VoLTE, quality and more clear voice calls can now be enjoyed on 4G. VoLTE will only function when in 4G/LTE coverage; however, it is important to note the device will automatically switch back to the older 2G and 3G technologies when necessary to enable a seamless experience. A customer on VoLTE can call a customer on a non-VoLTE device, or who is not in 4G/LTE coverage, and vice versa; however, the full functionality of VoLTE may be limited. 

VoWIFI is technology that permits users to make and enjoy high definition voice calls over internet protocols. Even if you do not have airtime or mobile network connectivity, for as long as you are connected on WIFI, you will be able to make voice calls. Additionally, VoWifi creates a runway that is less congested, consequently enhancing the quality of the call. 

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