• April 2nd, 2020

Muinjangue obtains her PhD… Nudo praises president for educational empowerment

WINDHOEK - The National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) yesterday congratulated its president Utjiua Muinjangue, who late last year obtained a PhD from the Stellenbosch University, on the topic of essential management task of social workers in Namibia.

“Honorable Dr Muinjangue gave hope to countless young people across this country that it is never too late to study – even at an advanced age,” party secretary-general Joseph Kauandenge said in a statement. 
“Indeed, her accomplishment is a testimony to the fact that where there is a will there is a way – no matter the obstacles ahead. 

We, in Nudo, celebrate her achievement as our own, as she is the head of our party. 
We pay tribute and homage to an outstanding woman who, against all odds, has added the title Dr to her name – safe to say this is not an honorary doctorate but a genuine academic doctorate.”

Meanwhile, Kauandenge further promised to bring “fire and fury” to the National Assembly (NA), saying his party will be at the forefront in parliament to demand accountability and proper legislation of laws that will bring change to the lives of many Namibians. 

Nudo, during last year’s National Assembly elections only managed to win two seats. These seats will be occupied by Muinjangue and Kauandenge, replacing former party president Asser Mbai and former secretary-general Meundju Jahanika.

 “Gone are the days when Swapo MPs could just seat idle there in that house as zombies like deadwoods and pretend to not hear the cries and contributions of opposition parties,” he said. 

“The arrogance of the Swapo in parliament will be a thing of the past in these new incoming parliamentary sessions, as with a reduced majority, they will have no other option then to listen to opposition parties’ contributions and motions for the betterment of our people. 

“We will be relentless in holding the government accountable to its deeds and we will expose acts of corruption and maladministration.” He added that his party will demand detailed responses from government ministers during question time. 

“Gone are the days when ministers could just come to parliament, and with arrogance of majority answer opposition parties’ questions with contempt because they had overdosed on majority – gone are the days when motions brought by the opposition would be dismissed at face value by Swapo MPs because they had the numbers. Nudo party will be like a wounded lion in parliament, fighting from day one for our people that they too start sharing the cake of independence. Swapo party must be prepared that it will never be business as usual in parliament.”

Kuzeeko Tjitemisa
2020-01-09 07:13:57 | 2 months ago

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