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Popya with Jose Matos - Munch-a-knowledge to build libraries at schools

2021-04-07  Aletta Shikololo

Popya with Jose Matos - Munch-a-knowledge to build libraries at schools
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Aimed at creating a conducive environment for learners to study in a modern-day and safe atmosphere, a young Windhoek- based Jose Matos, also known as DJ Twist, launched an initiative called ‘Munch-a-knowledge’.

The initiative, which was officially launched last week, is set to build libraries at schools in the Khomas region.

“Most schools in the country do not have proper libraries and some are in a dilapidated state, so the idea of putting up container libraries around schools will assist the learners to study hard and also create a culture of reading among learners,” Matos explained.

The project will start by setting up libraries at three schools to be selected through a cookie-buying competition.

“This is a competition like any other competition; however, in this competition, no one loses. Each school will win a library and the first prize comprises a self-contained library with 25 computers,” he said.

According to Matos, the container libraries are proven to be more reliable and efficient because they are self-contained and do not require the use of any resources from the school.

“We are trying to create modern libraries where we can speak to the learners directly and keep them in the library,” he added. Children from participating schools welcomed the initiative.

“The importance of having modern libraries in schools is to help us become digitally literate and also enable us to do research and have a better understanding of school work,” said the head girl of Immanuel Shifidi Secondary school, Olga Chichmarev.

Chichmarev also added that most of the learners, especially from less privileged homes are not exposed to digital libraries; therefore, applauding the founder of the initiative for providing instant access to digitised information around schools.

Sponsors, including Lotto runners, Radio Energy, Nampower and Confidante newspaper, said they want the project realised. The initiative will also be assisting the boy child organisation by offering counselling to those experiencing behavioural and other life challenges.


2021-04-07  Aletta Shikololo

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