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Mutjavikua urges youth to be innovative

2018-10-12  Eveline de Klerk

Mutjavikua urges youth to be innovative
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SWAKOPMUND – Erongo governor Cleophas Mutjavikua says the radical youth should expend their energy towards invention and innovation instead of spending valuable time criticising the government.

Officiating at the Sixth Swakopmund Investment Conference that started on Wednesday at The Dome, Mutjavikua counselled the youth to contribute towards the country’s economic growth.

“They use their time and great minds to criticise government, instead of using it to invent and execute new business inventions to become catalysts for economic growth. Bestow a gift of invention of new products that are catalysts for economic growth,” Mutjavikua said.

Referring to the matangara (offal) facility in Walvis Bay, Mutjavikua said the facility faced many obstacles because the idea of adding value to livestock offal was a completely new area of business.

“The owner faced many obstacles before he eventually opened the factory in Walvis Bay.  He initially wanted it in Swakopmund but because of bureaucracy he had to open in Walvis Bay. His packaged matangara is now one of the popular items in South Africa and Botswana and is sold out upon arrival in these countries. This is how we want our young people to be motivated and come up with innovative ideas,” Mutjavikua urged.  

Mutjavikua appealed to the youth to observe, learn from others and come up with innovative business ideas that will allow then to become valuable players and shareholders in government’s quest to obtain economic emancipation.

2018-10-12  Eveline de Klerk

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