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My candid view - You can’t tell me nothing!

2022-09-02  Otniel Hembapu

My candid view - You can’t tell me nothing!

This week, I reported on the meeting between the Fifa-appointed Normalisation Committee for the Namibia Football Association (NFA) and clubs from both the Namibia Premier League (NPL) and the Namibia Premier Football League (NPFL) which took place on Monday, but it seems like I have struck some nerves. 

My report was strictly tailored around the press statement that was issued by the Normalisation Committee’s chairman Bisey /Uirab, who described his opening meeting on Monday with NPFL clubs as: “…the initial meeting, attended by clubs resorting under the NPFL did not proceed. During the chairperson’s opening remarks, certain representatives aired their perceived concerns including the wish for one meeting with all representatives. After a back and forth, the chairperson called for a five-minute adjournment. Upon reconvening the meeting, similar challenges resurfaced, with the result that in the end the meeting was adjourned completely”.

The above are the exact words of /Uirab as contained in his statement issued by the NFA that same Monday night. 

In that very same press statement, /Uirab went on to narrate how his second meeting with NPL clubs went, saying: “The second meeting proceeded, the presentation outlining the proposal to commence the top-tier league was well received; inputs to the commitment letter were provided and the same letter was dispatched to all clubs for their acceptance and return before 11h00 on 30 August 2022”.

In my report, I described the NPFL meeting with the Normalisation Committee as chaotic and the second meeting with NPL clubs as more conducive. My analysis and reporting of the two meetings go hand in glove with those of /Uirab, who himself chaired Monday’s meeting. 

But apparently, some self-proclaimed local football gods and club officials are not happy with the way I reported on their meeting and have since run to social media to slug mud at my name and persona. 

But it’s okay because by now I am used to the unprovoked attacks and insults, but one thing I will never compromise on is telling the truth, and no one will ever dictate to me how I should hold my pen. 

For heaven’s sake, I am not the one who said the meeting between the Normalisation Committee and NPFL clubs should degenerate and I am also not the one who said the meeting between the NPL and the Normalisation Committee should proceed smoothly. I simply reported on how the two meetings unfolded as per Uirab’s narration. 

But as expected, the self-proclaimed local football gods and those specific club officials saw a perfect opportunity to deflect their self-created misfortunes, and are now again blaming the media and everything under the sun but themselves for the missed opportunity at Monday’s meeting. 

Mind you, these are the very same club owners and officials who called yours truly a tribalist when I said Namibia can’t afford to have two premier leagues and that unity was the only way out. 

Again, those are the same club officials who called me a sell-out when I said it was time for Fifa to appoint another Normalisation Committee [the current committee] because our local mediatory instruments were no longer of any assistance to the desired return of football. 

You might wonder why am I being called all these names. The answer is quite simple: It’s because I continue to be the only journalist who relentlessly challenges their misplaced priorities and interests and I equally count among the very few journalists who fearlessly speak truth to the face of power. 

But as I have always maintained, I don’t have and will never have time to massage the bruised egos of self-anointed football gods who have little to zero competencies to lecture me about journalism ethics and standards. 

Surprisingly, the very same club owners and officials who are now shamelessly trying to lecture me about journalism ethics are the very same guys who ran their respective clubs into the ground and are now running riot on social media trying to act holy. You can’t tell me nothing! And as per the name of this revered column, those are my candid views!

Until next time, sharp sharp!!  

2022-09-02  Otniel Hembapu

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