• September 26th, 2020

My weekly take away - eSports: The world’s fastest-growing sport

E-sport is considered the world’s fastest-growing sport and the first, together with football, that is truly global. As a result, the top eSports tournaments are already taking place online. 

In addition, eSports is becoming more apparent even for audiences not involved in video gaming; therefore, it is extremely interesting from a marketing perspective. That is why we could ask the question ‘will eSports eventually outgrow traditional sports?’
eSports has become more apparent on traditional media channels. In both the Netherlands and France, they created an eSports football division, where traditional football clubs license professional gamers to play for their virtual team. 
These matches are broadcasted through traditional media channels. Large tournaments have also found their way to ESPN broadcasts and they are expected to outperform traditional sport viewer ratings. 

 Digital gaming is where the next generation of fans will come from, making eSports a platform for future revenue streams. In addition, it will also help traditional sports teams to increase their fan base by targeting a different public.
On the other hand, the growing acceptance of eSports in the sports business will likely lead to eSports being officially accepted as a sport. We will observe a trend where eSports will be perceived more as a traditional sport, where gamers will be identified as athletes within society today. Esports teams, just as traditional sports teams have coaches, analysts, contracts, fans, sponsors and merchandise.
 Regarding prizing money, eSports is already competing with traditional sports, making it extremely attractive for both future gamers and potential spectators. 

However, regarding sponsorship revenues, eSports is still far behind traditional sports, which is rather surprising looking at the audience potential. Thus, there is still plenty of room for investors and brands to hop on the train and engage in this potentially huge market.
eSport does not only give competition to the prominent traditional sports; it will also provide an opportunity for sports lovers who would like to compete in sports but do not have an opportunity to compete in traditional sports. 

*Stefan Ngolo is a sports enthusiast and sports education scholar. He can be reached at ngoloset@gmail.com.

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