• July 14th, 2020

N$1.3 million drugs confiscated in June

WINDHOEK – The Namibian police confiscated various drugs valued at N$ 1.3 million for the period of June.  
A total of 117 suspects were arrested. According to Namibian police spokesperson Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi, among those arrested, 97 are Namibian nationals, six Angolans and three Burundians. Police also arrested eight Congolese, one Tanzanian and two Zambian nationals. “Dealing in drugs is a crime, please report drug dealers at your nearest (police) station,” read a police statement. 

The following drugs were seized
Cannabis        74.8kg         = N$ 747 930 
Cannabis plants        21 grams    = N$210
Mandrax         405 tablets    = N$486 00
Cocaine powder        917.4grams    = N$ 458 700
Cocaine bullets         7×bullets    = N$24500
Crack cocaine         115        = N$11500
Abortion         27 tablets    = N$13500

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2019-07-10 09:35:56 | 1 years ago

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