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N$27 million worth of cannabis seized

2019-05-08  Selma Ikela

N$27 million worth of cannabis seized

WINDHOEK – Cannabis is the most preferred illegal drug used in Namibia.  
This is derived from the figures of drugs confiscated by the Namibian Police Force in seven months worth N$27.5 million. The figures are from October 2018 to April this year.

According to the police, December 2018, February and April this year saw the largest consignment of drugs confiscated.  Police confiscated drugs worth N$4.8 million in December, drugs worth N$12.3 million in February and N$5.3 million in April.
Nampol spokesperson Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi in a press statement noted the police confiscated 531.029kg of cannabis worth N$5.3 million in April alone.

Statistics further indicated mandrax to be the second highest drug of choice with 418 tablets seized with a street value of N$50 160. This is followed by 82 crack cocaine units worth N$8 200 and 40 Yes cigarettes packs worth N$8 000.
The statement also showed that 88 Namibian nationals, three Angolans, three Congolese, one South African and four Tanzanians were arrested for drug trafficking.

According to the head of the drug law enforcement division, Fabian Musweu, large consignments of cannabis were confiscated from three trucks coming from South Africa.  Musweu said two separate trucks were intercepted at the Trans-Kalahari border post in Omaheke Region last month. He added that a third truck with a large consignment of cannabis was intercepted in Keetmanshoop. An Isuzu pick-up was also intercepted with cannabis.

Although the drug is illegal here, cannabis is preferred in Namibia,  Musweu said while giving a rank order of commonly used drugs in the country. He said cannabis is followed by mandrax then cocaine.

“Cannabis is cheap, affordable and readily available,” he said but strongly warned that people should know drugs are illegal, including cannabis. “It is not allowed (here) and the arm of the law is long and we will get them as we are busy arresting them. We will bring them before the court of law.” He also warned Namibians who are the majority of suspects arrested in

drug trading that they should stop as drugs do not pay.
Two weeks ago, Ganja Users of Namibia (GUN) and scores of Namibian Rastafarian protested against the prohibition of cannabis, appealing to Namibian authorities to emulate South Africa and other countries that have decriminalised the recreational and other use of dagga.

Before GUN held their protest against the prohibition of cannabis, Swapo Party Elders’ Council (SPEC) and Council of Churches in Namibia stated that Namibia should not legalise dagga.

2019-05-08  Selma Ikela

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