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Nakaambo sisters clinch partnership with Epimax

2021-07-16  Aletta Shikololo

Nakaambo sisters clinch partnership with Epimax

Media personality, influencer and businesswoman Robyn Nakaambo has added another feather to her cap by bagging a lucrative partnership with Epimax, alongside her 4-year-old sister Azzariah Nakaambo.

‘Ruby the dime’, as she is affectionately known to her fans, took to social media to break the good news.

“This partnership with Epimax South Africa means the world to me. I have been speaking it into existence, working with brands beyond our borders and have been working relentlessly to getting that to materialise,” said Nakaambo.

The sisters became the first Namibians to partner with the world-class skin care brand as influencers.

Speaking on the endorsement deal, Nakaambo told VIBEZ! the partnership is proof that once you set your goals and put effort towards achieving them, the world becomes your oyster – and there are no limits to what you can achieve.

“I am blessed to be on this journey with my baby girl. As for the vast products Epimax has under their wings, one of them is the baby/youth range, which is very popular.” 

Nakaambo revealed Epimax comes top of her list in lotion brands, as Azzariah and herself have eczema-prone skin.

“It is what we use daily. So, it is easy for us to advocate for the brand.”

Apart from her work in the media industry, the deal sees Nakaambo expanding her business interests. She is most certainly a force to be reckoned with in terms of growth and consistency in brand building. The media maven is also working with brands such as Avani, YouNique Beauty Spa, Kambala Beauty Care, Lotus Epitome Boutique, MJ Creations and Esh-Ham Cash Consultants.

“Earlier this year, when I launched my website, one of my biggest objectives was to create a holistic platform where all the aspects of my brand can be demonstrated in a package that can be used to entice brands locally and beyond our borders to want to collaborate with me. After launching the website, and during these trying times where companies do not have a budget for influencers due to the pandemic, I took it upon myself to DM and email brands I deemed as aligning to my brand.” 

The go-getter said she shared proposals and her rate card to sensitise them, to which Epimax reverted positively.

“I was lucky enough to have caught the attention of this amazing Epimax team. The moral of the story – shoot your shot. An influencer has nothing to lose by approaching a brand. If they are rejected, it was not meant to be and if it was accepted, you would have never known if you didn’t approach them. If anything, this year has taught me that life is too short – get your dreams.” 

As for Azzariah who is already securing her bag at her tender age, Naakombo said: “She generally imitates me, so it’s not surprising that she is comfortable in front of the camera. At her age, I don’t think she can fathom the magnitude of this. Our parents – they are happy and excited about the endless opportunities this collaboration will create.” 

Asked how she maintains her longevity and influence in the industry, Nakaambo said she refrains from being in competition with the masses but rather focus her energy on what sets her apart, and ensures she takes it up a notch daily.

With brand influencing in Namibia being on the rise, Nakaambo cautions local influencers to stay true to their own brand identity and to associate with brands that align with theirs.

“Another thing is…influencers also need to consider the time and effort it takes to curate content; thus, they should quote their time accordingly – whether in monetary or in barter agreement payment methods,” she advised.


2021-07-16  Aletta Shikololo

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