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Nambala is new IUM chancellor

2018-09-04  Staff Reporter

Nambala is new IUM chancellor

WINDHOEK – “Never feel burdened by what is given you with trust or entrusted you,” said the International University of Management (IUM)’s new chancellor Dr Vaino Nambala.

Nambala, the presiding bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia was sworn in as the third chancellor of the IUM last week replacing Bishop Emeritus Kleopas Dumeni. 

“Everything under the sun has its moment. The Bible says.  ‘For everything, there is a season.’ This is the time for me to deliver an acceptance speech,” said Nambala. 

“I am speechless.  I am speechless simply because I am overwhelmed by the intense inner feeling of not knowing how to appreciate the occasion,” said the newly installed IUM chancellor. 

Nambala says he is challenged to be at the helm of the institution as the chancellor with the expectation to carry along the same vigour the two previous chancellors had during their tenure.  

He said the task is not only to be the head, but more so to popularise, promote and take the interest of the institution higher than ever before.  

He said he is aware of the existence of other institutions of higher learning within and without Namibia.  
But said he believes the purpose to promote the aims and objectives of IUM is not to compete, but in a complementary manner to mobilise IUM to do the best it can offer for the sake of education and humanity.  

“Who am I to deny the honour bestowed upon me to be part of the higher education challenge as well as be associated with the acclaimed IUM?” he asked rhetorically.

He said fortunately the challenge is not only directed to him, but to all associates to IUM, the faculty, students and all people who love education inside and outside the boundaries of Namibia to come join and support the institution with whatever resources they have and intend to offer in order to make IUM’s academic dream a lasting reality. 

“Let IUM proceed to teach society the best of the future, with the understanding that the best future we see in our mind is already with us to be realised daily through our actions,” he said.

“In Stoic philosophy, God is the principle of reason and therefore he is in everything and permeates all matter.  In the same vein let us remember what the Bible teaches, that in everything we do or plan without God, we plan to fail,” he added.

2018-09-04  Staff Reporter

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