• September 22nd, 2020

Namibia unite against youth tribalism

Brain Xamseb

Last week Saturday, large groups of manifestly one tribal youth sections upped the game by demanding the immediate stepping down of President Hage Geingob, in a tribal manner which left no doubt that they are a tribal grouping seeking the ouster of a democratically elected leader simply because he is not of their origin.

No one is against freedom of speech. However, once that freedom starts to instigate the undermining of the State by attacking the president which is its chief representative, elected democratically to govern on behalf of all Namibians, it changes the entire game. 

To insult, denigrate, dehumanise, and describe the head of state as a dog, is an affront and a grave attack on the State. In fact, it is to be equated with an attempt to overthrow the institutions of the State.
Therefore, everyone who endangers the democratic, peaceful, stable and harmonious character of the Namibian State must be held accountable. 

The past weekend’s coordinated demonstrations in Windhoek, Walvis Bay and Eenhana are not just mere youth dissatisfaction with the current economic situation, joblessness and the Fishrot case. 
Namibia previously had spells of joblessness, and more serious cases of corruption e.g. The GIPF N$600 million, the ODC N$100 million, and the Avid case. Through all these, Namibians were united in their condemnation of corruption. 

In the Fishrot case, while all Namibians are united to stamp out corruption, and whereas the government relieved the suspected ministers to ensure an unhindered investigation, curiously this segment of tribal youth cabal have emerged as the “most concerned and vociferous anti-corruption champions”.
They have also decided to interpret and dismiss as “captured” the Supreme Court findings on the electoral challenge by their former independent candidate, Dr Panduleni Itula. 

The court did not find evidence of any irregularities in the November 2020 elections, to warrant its cancellation, and gave them only relief in halting the use of EVMs without a verifiable paper trail in future elections. 

However, they decided beyond their legal power, to continue bullying, insulting and harassing the president until he resigns or agree to a rerun. 

These activities are taking place, despite the fact that Dr Itula initially publically endorsed President Geingob’s victory as follows, “I should take this opportunity to congratulate comrade Hage Geingob for the victory. He is now the legitimate president of this republic and we should respect him and I caution everyone who has been following the phenomenon for change to act within the principles of the rule of law and to respect our head of state…” 

However, led on by a certain Michael Amushelelo, the group in Windhoek clearly defied these directives. Instead, Amushelelo as if on nyaope, during Saturday’s demonstration, went into an insulting spree, as follows, “who wants Hage? Ano ombwa oya hala shike? Nayi ye Kaandjawo! Ombwa kape na ngoka eyi hala, maar otayi iforcele ashike maantu. Hage voetsek! Hage Voetsek! Inatu mu pumbwa. We do not want Hage. Hage must just understand”. 

This is the depth to which this tribal youth movement has gone to express and disseminate their message of tribal hatred, tribal superiority, and tribal entitlement. 

They dare to say voetsek, and to dehumanize a sitting president because he is not of their tribe.  
As such when they say voetsek Hage, we don’t want you, they are not rejecting him only. 
This voetsek is directed at the 56% voters who voted President Geingob into office. It is directed at the ‘One Namibia, One Nation’, at the Namibian House, at the vision of a prosperous, stable and peaceful Namibia in which no one should feel left out. 

It is directed at every other Namibian communities and leaders.  It is directed at the majority of the 56% Aawambo and youth who believe in a unified and inclusive Namibian House.
These tribally radicalised youth are not faceless; the AR movement is the public face of these youth. Mr. Job Amupanda, who is a Unam deputy dean and lecturer, is in sync with these youth as he regularly on social media calls the president an EVM unconstitutional president. 

His movement lends immense logistical support to these tribally organised youths and he even appeared on their platforms to decampaign the president. While working for the State, Mr. Amupanda is undermining the State, by calling the head of that State an EVM unconstitutional president. 
Yet, the Unam Council chairperson, the Unam vice chancellor, and the rest of State authorities accept this state of affairs as “normal expression of academic freedom”. 

When did the Unam vice chancellor or the chairperson of the Unam Council sit in the class of Amupanda to listen to the type of lectures he is giving to the Namibian youth, and realise that this “deputy dean’s” undue influence is responsible today for these youths to say “voetsek Hage?  
Have they ever tried to discipline him, or tell him to either become a full-time politician or stick to his academic duties? 

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2020-03-13 10:41:10 | 6 months ago

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