• February 23rd, 2020

Namibia’s All Nations Netball Cup squad selected

Maurice Kambukwe

WINDHOEK – Netball Namibia (NN) has selected the final 12-member squad to represent the country at next month’s M1 All Nations Netball tournament in Singapore. The competition runs from October 20 until 26. 
Last weekend, NN selected the final 12 players to represent the country at the tournament as well as three additional non-travelling reserve players – making it a total of 15 players.

The squad consists of old-time campaigners and some new but highly talented youngsters. This year’s edition will mark Namibia’s return to the tournament since 2012, where they will be looking to improve on their third place finish some seven years ago. 

Joining Namibia at the tournament will be Botswana that will bring a strong and resolute side to Singapore despite their drop in world rankings in recent years.

According to NN vice-president Rebecca Goagoses, they are happy with the current crop of players in the team. Their aim is to get more international appearances so that they can improve the country’s ranking.
“Overall I can say we are satisfied with the selected players – I know they are going to make Namibia proud. But our main focus is to get ourselves out and participate in as many international competitions as possible to ensure we climb in world rankings,” said Goagoses.

Namibia begin their campaign on October 20 against host nation Singapore before taking on Ireland the next day. Then on the 23rd, Namibia play against Papua New Guinea before they wrap up their campaign against neighbours Botswana.

The 12-member squad: Jatjinda Kambatuku, Jaumbuaije Zauana, Anna Kaspar, Cathline Jaanda Tjihero, Leandri van der Walt, Loide Tangeni Hanyanya, Anna Etuhole Shipanga, Imbeleni Omwa Shuweninawa Frans, Emmy Katuko, Venjekerera Maharero, Vezembouua Ngutjiua Mauano, Mwale Kathy Mulenamaswe. 

The three non-travelling members: Louise Uakataviza Kauseue, Selma Bittler and Diana Himeezembi Tjejamba.

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