• July 23rd, 2019
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Namibia’s Green Enterprise Solutions is WorksPad’s pan-African distributor

Business & Finance
Business & Finance

Staff Reporter Windhoek-Green Enterprise Solutions has signed a partnership agreement with WorksPad, the Mobile Business Application Software, for the African continent. Green is 100 percent owned and managed by previously disadvantaged Namibians and provides information and communication technology (ICT) solutions for the Namibian market. The partnership with WorksPad offers this application not just in Namibia, but right across the African continent. The lines between personal devices and works devices are becoming ever more blurred in this hyper-connected world. Employers and employees do not switch between devices for personal or work activities, this is where WorksPad comes into its own. Mobiles and tablets can now be switched into fully functioning enterprise mobile workplaces. WorksPad can be implemented on most smart tablets and phones like; iPads, iPhones and Android devices and turns them into functional mobile workplaces that are fully integrated as mobile enterprise workplaces. It provides employers and employees with a wide range of capabilities, a user-friendly interface and enterprise-grade security in a single app for iOS and Android. This includes: file manager, access to corporate files, mails, calendar, address book, full function document editor, and innovative collaboration tools.  The WorksPad application works on an individual’s personal device and gives companies, who want to give their workers the option of using either their own devices for business purposes. It works within a secured environment on a smart device and creates a container to prevent content distribution outside of the corporate workspace that keeps corporate and personal data completely separate. Whether the user is taking notes, carrying calculations or making photos its easy to exchange files across devices and operating systems – be that an iOS, Android or Windows device – on the same Wi-Fi/LAN network. WorksPad also features a special presentation mode for iPad, Android and Windows PC that provides business users with cross-devices screen sharing. It does so with the user knowing they are doing so in a fully networked and secure environment. This is a great development, especially in a country as vast as Namibia. WorksPad enables processing of orders, data and or administration for employees who are on the road, or not at the head office. Cutting lead times, sale cycles and digitising activities that before now still had to be done manually. Streamlining the organisation’s processes and eliminating human errors and saving crucial data on the organisations servers and ready to share. Kehad Snydewel, Managing Director of Green said; “We are thrilled to be the representative of WorksPad in Namibia and the rest of the African continent. It is a great product and one that we cannot wait to roll out to our present base of clients as well as new ones throughout Africa. Green has the capacity, ICT-knowledge and contacts throughout Africa to make the implementation of WorksPad a success on the continent.”
New Era Reporter
2017-12-20 09:49:27 1 years ago

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