• July 18th, 2019
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Nanso leader comes under scathing attack

Maihapa Ndjavera

WINDHOEK - Nanso vice-president Benhard Kavau and chairperson for Khomas, Simon Amunime were scathing in their comments on the student organisation’s president Ester Simon, saying she needs medical attention. 
The two advised Simon not to seek publicity ‘in bad faith’ after she said that students’ registration should be free at tertiary institutions. 

The two felt she did not follow procedures to engage universities on the issue before making such a statement.
Both said it is ridiculous for both public and private institutions to not ask any single dollar for students to register. 
“With the failing funding from government it is unacceptable, Ester must know that universities have to [be]  run, universities will need connectivity fees, universities need money to pay electricity and issue student cards.” 

Kavau says it is for the best interest of students that institutions charge affordable fees, hence the registration of N$1 700 charged by IUM, N$2 150 charged for the registration of Unam loan holders and they hope Nust will reduce its registration fees to N$2 000 or below. 

“Her own private academy Joy Rise does not even register students for free, she must stop being egocentric.”
Kavau and Amunime were responding to what they believe was a malicious statement released by the Nanso president Ester Simon in New Era, under the heading ‘We won’t be used by politicians.’  They believe it Is misleading and a reflection of the dirty dealings of Ester and that she abuses her office. 

“Ester said Nanso won’t be used by politicians but despite that, Nanso was given oryx during its highest decision-making body by politicians to bribe students from deliberating on the failures of the minister,” Kavau said further.

According to the Nanso constitution the secretary for information and publicity is the final editor of all Nanso media releases, but according to them this was not followed. However, they said their president ‘who seeks publicity’ had decided to release an unedited media statement.

Tyson Hihanguapo, the Nanso national secretary for information and communication technology, said what Ester Simon shared with the media did not go through his office.

The Nanso president commented that donations are acceptable as Nanso does not have a direct source of income, they just receive a small budget allocation for programmes from the government and she insisted receiving donations is not “being used” by politicians. 

She accused her colleagues of not understanding the term “being used”.
On the issue of press releases she explained that as the president of Nanso its constitution allows her to issue media statements and that she is mandated by the constitution of the student body to issue statements.

New Era Reporter
2019-01-25 08:51:49 5 months ago

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