• July 6th, 2020

Narraville shack dwellers need N$7.8 million to service land

WALVIS BAY - The servicing of residential land has become one of the biggest obstacles for shack
dwellers at Naraville at the coastal town of Walvis Bay. Although the reality of finally becoming homeowners is within their grasp, now that land has been availed to them, the house-owner
group still needs N$7.8 million to service the land it received from the Walvis Bay Municipality.

The group was allocated land on the outskirts of Naraville in the dunes, which makes servicing a
very costly. One of the beneficiaries Rudi Mclobo, said, “We need to level the ground, which is costly.” According to Mclobo, they have identified earthmoving contractors but due to the cost of diesel they cannot
immediately begin this exercise. “We are low-income earners with some earning not more than
N$3 000. So, how will we be able to pay for it as we need at least N$7 million for levelling and servicing
of our land before we can start building?” Mclobo asked New Era.

The group has already paid N$117 000 to a land surveyor and N$68 000 deposit to an engineer
for building plans that have already been approved. However, during a brickmaking course last week, members told New Era that they are eager to start the construction of their houses as some of them are already pensioners, who, due to high cost of houses, are still renting. “Rent has really become
unaffordable, forcing some of the shack dwellers to live in garages and in single rooms with their children,
making the situation unbearable,” he said.

Mclobo (57), who has been living in a single room with his three children and his wife, explained that they have been paying rent of N$2 500 and have also been saving since 2007. Juliana van Wyk (58) is also
one of the hopefuls, who joined the shack dwellers in 2007. She says she has been saving ever since
to be able to afford a home for her six children.

The group of prospective homeowners will be able to have a decent home once they are assisted
to service the land on which they intend to build 68 houses.  “We are really looking forward to our own home. Currently, there is no privacy and the schoolwork of the kids is even deteriorating,” Mclobo explained.
According to him, they recruit more members from Narraville every Sunday. Sadly, the group
lost four people who died before realising their dreams of owning a home.

Eveline de Klerk
2019-08-15 07:14:38 | 10 months ago

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