• April 22nd, 2019
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!Naruseb inaugurates multimillion dollar road


Nuusita Ashipala Oshakati-Works and Transport Minister Alpheus !Naruseb has inaugurated the N$216 million Oshakati-Omungwelume road as part of government’s efforts to promote regional connectivity and enhance trade through road networks. “Good roads increase regional trade thus reducing poverty and they also attract tourists and investors, which in turn increases the business potential in the community. These are the reasons why building a secure road infrastructure network is one of the priorities of our government,”!Naruseb said. The 38-km stretch of road links Oshana, Ohangwena and Omusati region and was inaugurated on Wednesday. Apart from alleviating poverty, the road also created 202 jobs for the local community, while 140 employees received training from the contractor, Zhongmei Engineering, that will aid them in future employment. Oshana Governor Clemens Kashuupulwa said the road promotes accessibility to the rural communities. “The road has become transmission belts for the various activities the communities are engaged in, such as trading and other essential services,” Kashuupulwa said. Kashuupulwa’s speech was read on his behalf by his special advisor, Michael Mwinga. Kashuupulwa urged the police to intensify roadblocks to ensure that only certified road users use the road, in order to reduce road fatalities. He said it was disheartening that several road accidents had already occurred on the road being inaugurated. !Naruseb reminded all motorists to join us in the struggle to resuce the carnage on national roads. “Please adhere to traffic rules at all times and do not overtake at blind spots,”!Naruseb strongly advised. He said 40 culverts were replaced while several culverts were installed to allow proper draining of water, because the road is prone to floods and is often washed away. The minister further said that 4,820 road studs were installed on the centre and edges of the road to enhance visibility. In addition, several design aspects were also included in the construction of the road to enhance and improve safety on the road.
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2017-11-09 09:32:36 1 years ago

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