• August 13th, 2020

Navigating through the old to the new

Do you remember just how many times you have been told about how weird you are or asked why can’t you just be like the other kid from the neighbours? And remember just no matter what you have been told you just never took it at face value because you felt something was amiss, and when you dared to question, you were told you ask too much. And you would be lucky if you didn’t get a beating or punishment of some sort.
Somehow, someway, the story has just never been told of how at some point, we as humanity became an enemy of our own by devising self-limiting beliefs. It became so deep that every generation expects the next one to do things the same way as the other even if the consequences may be disastrous. It became an accepted norm – a norm that the old shall mould the new only, hence delaying the leap to our next level of consciousness.
It’s believed the young should listen to the old only and never two-way traffic, which would bear better results – or even creating an exchange of ideas progressively and constructively. This would eventually also transform the cultural and tribal landscape to adopt and accept the changes of time by incorporating even the latest technological breakthroughs of the century.
 But too much has been said about how the old is resistant to change and lacks trust in the young or about how the young are not ready and still need some grooming or are disrespectful. But, in deep insight, both the latter and the former are nothing but a distraction from or an avoidance of what is not said but needs to be spoken. It is an exposition of the denial of the evidence that every following generation moves one inch up to the next level of consciousness but the old ways often see it as a challenge to the adage of “superficial authority” and hence delaying a generational transcendence to the next level of consciousness. 
Some of what is not said or asked is why, although we may have territorial and political independence, the independence of thought and difference of opinions is not explicitly encouraged; the independence of inclusion of unpopular and unfamiliar ideas and exploration of alternative ways of living and doing things are shunned. Because, since time immemorial, those who had invented things that have had a great impact on humanity are those who went ahead even when their opinions and ideas were unpopular and often were ridiculed – although they were later celebrated long after they have gone to their next life.
So why not give the weirdos and the crazies a chance? How about giving political correctness a break and try truth and transparency a chance? Why not give vulnerability and humanity a chance? For the normal and conformity of one size fits all has not served us well or else we won’t be living with so much distress – be it financial, political or in personal relations. 
Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how we take it, the shift in consciousness is here and it’s going to happen with or without our approval. For example, The Trump and Malema phenomenon has made waves and ruffled feathers across the world and nothing will ever be business as usual. The last and best thing we can do is to let go of the illusion of control or comfort of the past to accept and acknowledge change so that we can assure ourselves a smooth transition to the next level of consciousness.

• Oshimwenyo is published every Friday in the New Era newspaper with contributions from Karlos Naimwhaka.

Staff Reporter
2020-04-24 10:28:48 | 3 months ago

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