• August 9th, 2020

NBF hosts first ever FIBA-recognised referees’ clinic… targets top ranking

WINDHOEK - The Namibian Basketball Federation (NBF) on Saturday held a level-1 Referees Clinic, which was the first of its kind in Windhoek at the Basketball Artists School (BAS) Premises.

Starting off with the Namibia Basketball School League (NBSL) officials, the clinic was the first of a 3-level course program, through which participants who wish to venture into professional officiating were accorded an opportunity to receive internationally recognized training.

The clinic which is part of an initiative of collaborative work between the NBF and the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) is part of many more programs to come. NBF aims to uplift the quality of officials in all basketball leagues countrywide, from senior to school leagues. 

Focusing mainly on the NBSL, the clinic catered for 18 participants under the watchful eye of professional instructor Jackson Haufiku. The one-day clinic touched on the basic rules of the game of basketball and what the sport is all about. 
An incorporation of theory as well as practical exercises was carried out to determine the legibility of the prospective officials. Petrina Aron, Mantius Amukoshi and Tamara !Gaoses all served as assistant instructors to Haufiku. 

This is also an initiative that targets the growth of youth and female leadership within the local federation and the sport in general, with a special focus on the longevity of quality officiating and representation of female officials.
NBF works on providing the know-how and necessary skills to local participants and once properly acquired, FIBA then offers the international platform for these skills to be put to test. 

Tamara !Gaoses is so far Namibia’s first female internationally recognized 3x3 referee and the NBF hopes to create more success stories such as hers. 

This qualification has allowed !Gaoses to officiate at the U/18 3X3 IBF Young Lions Cup, which was held in Botswana early this year. Male representative Pondo Nailenge also had the same privilege and he now works towards implementing his skills in the northern regions of Namibia.

NBF Secretary General Ramah Mumba said: “With more officials trained, more games can be played to help boost the international ranking of Namibia on the FIBA 3X3 World Ranking website. The more games played, the better the country’s ranking becomes, and the higher the chances are for Namibia to be part of the Olympic Games in the very near future.”
The 3x3 basketball is an officially recognised Olympic sport code, and NBF has seen a great opportunity not only players to qualify, but also for officials to reach top level of officiating. 

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