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Ndapanda's Travels - Underexplored areas of Namibia

2022-04-08  Ndapanda Haininga

Ndapanda's Travels - Underexplored areas of Namibia

I have prioritised domestic travel these past few years, and what I have found in those few years of travel is not only that Namibia is gorgeous, of course, but also that this country has many beautiful and underexplored areas; areas that are full of character, greenery, forestry, almost heavenly. 

For those who may have missed the hint, I’m referring to the Kavango regions. I remember my first time in north-eastern Namibia ever so vividly. I had just about booked one of my very first domestic travel experiences. Young, excited, a little scared, maybe fighting some anxiety, but oh so chuffed to finally be exploring. 

There is something about the air in the two Kavango regions; it is different. The animals seem happier, livelier and healthier. 

The trees carry so much green, it could be Hawaii! I’m not kidding, the greenery is amazing. Picture a somewhat young, Oshiwambo girl seeing water so aggressively flowing from one unknown destination to another for the very first time! 

The mighty Kavango River; oh, the sweet wonder! 

My focus today will be on some of my favourite lodges on the banks of the river, in a little town called Divundu, just 200km from Rundu itself.   


Ngepi Camp  

I rave about Ngepi Camp quite often. 

The camp has a simplistic approach to travel which, during my visit, I really enjoyed. 

The food is amazing, the people are warm and waking up to the sound of the river from your treehouse? Top to-beat feelings in the world.   


RiverDance Lodge

My favourite thing about RiverDance Lodge is the stunning, modern, stand-alone tubs in the room that give the feel of a spa. 

The room also has glass windows, which give the illusion of having the outside inside; does that make sense? 

It’s beautiful, the beautiful view of the river just outside your room? Stunning!  

Divava Okavango Resort & Spa

Keeping it short and sweet, and ending the article with the amazing Divava Okavango Resort and Spa. 

Service is one thing, but personalising a guest’s experience is what keeps them coming back.  Divava always gets that right.  


If you are ever in Divundu, consider these three for a worthwhile visit.   


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2022-04-08  Ndapanda Haininga

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