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New councillors vow to fix Walvis

2020-12-02  Eveline de Klerk

New councillors vow to fix Walvis
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WALVIS BAY – The newly elected Walvis Bay mayor, Trevino Forbes, says the new leadership was aware of its responsibility, including fixing “poor management” of the town’s affairs in a very short period. 
Forbes, who hails from the Independent Patriots for Change, was sworn-in as mayor on Monday, while her fellow IPC councillor Saara Mutondoka was unveiled as deputy mayor. 

Another IPC leader at the town Leroy Victor was elected as the chairperson of the powerful management committee. He will serve on the committee with Olivia Andrews (IPC), Roland Bramwell from the Joint Walvis Bay Residents Association, and Richard Hoaeb (PDM). 

Stanley Bikeur from the Landless People’s Movement was elected as the alternate member of the management committee. Swapo party candidates Paulus Kauhondamwa, Albertina Nkoshi and Ephraim Shozi will serve as ordinary councillors. 
Speaking shortly after his swearing-in ceremony,  Forbes said that they are entering a new era of local governance at the town.

“We are a fairly young team from different political parties, however, we believe that we will govern this town much better because it is a representation of all and not only of a single political party.  
This fits with the theme  of our party for the elections as there is a need for drastic change,” he said. 
Forbes added that the team is well aware of the task ahead as well as the expectations of the community and people who voted them into power. 

“It is also our intention to make an end to the practice of councillors having secret meetings. I refer to the practice of having so called informal discussions and special management committee and special council meetings.
The ordinary council meeting agenda makes provision for us as councillors to ask ourselves questions in an open council meeting and we intend to do so,” Forbes explained. 

He added that they will use the next few weeks to acquaint themselves with the systems, practices, policies and laws before they tackle issues of importance. “We also want to assure the people of our town that we are committed to bring about change so dearly needed.  Rest assured, we will represent all the people of our town and not only the interest of a few. To our predecessors, may you enjoy your rest,” he said.

2020-12-02  Eveline de Klerk

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