• August 7th, 2020

NFCT donates fish to Kunene residents

Malakia Nashongo OPUWO - The Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust (NFCT) has donated 300 trays of fish worth N$50,000 to the office of the governor for distribution to communities of Opuwo in Kunene Region. NFCT WAS created with the mandate to promote fish consumption within Namibia by making fish more accessible and affordable. The trust has twelve fish outlets countrywide. Speaking at the event was the Chief Executive Officer of NFCT, Victor Pea, who stressed this donation came about as a way of complementing government efforts to fight malnutrition and achieving food security for all Namibian citizens, and he pointed out this mammoth responsibility to ensure and enhance quality of life should not be left to government alone. “We at the trust remain committed in meeting the government halfway in their endeavours. Therefore, by giving meaning to our commitment, we have decided to donate 300 trays of Efuta can fish, worth N$50,000 to the office of the governor of Kunene to give to the needy people in the region,” explained Pea. Kunene Region is one of the regions with marginalised and impoverished communities and has been hit by persistent droughts for the past three to four years which impacted the livelihood of the communities. “We just thought it’s good for us to contribute toward fighting hunger and malnutrition and that’s how we decided to give the donation worth N$50,000 to the office of the governor to distribute to the needy communities,” Pea further stated. On his part the governor of Kunene Region, Marius Sheya, thanked the trust for such a kind donation towards the people of Kunene and promised to see to it the donation is distributed to the needy. “We are having schools in Kunene which are really challenged in terms of giving the right dietary requirement of food to learners. I think fish is a commodity that we need to promote to be really consumed by Namibians,” the governor informed the NFPT CEO. It was noted that though the trust has done well in establishing 12 outlets in the regions, more needs to be done, so that at least each Namibian has the opportunity to have access to fish everyday regardless of where he/she finds him/herself and that Namibians irrespective of whether they live along the coast should have access to fish from the sea. “We will support you with your mandate as Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust in ensuring that each Namibian has access to fish. We accept the 300 cases of fish that you have brought to us and we will deliver them to the rightful people across all the seven constituencies, and I have gone as far as to say we are only going to donate this fish to the school hostels and then mothers,” assured the governor. Victor also highlighted that this year’s National Fish Consumption Day will be commemorated in Opuwo town, Kunene Region late in October. *Malakia Nashongo is an information officer at the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology based in Opuwo in Kunene Region.
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