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Nghaamwa bows out with head held high

2020-04-15  Selma Ikela

Nghaamwa bows out with head held high
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Outgoing Ohangwena governor Usko Nghaamwa said he is bowing out with his head held high, saying he hopes the new broom will sweep clean. The 76-year-old Nghaamwa last week ended a 15-year reign as governor of the Ohangwena region and was replaced by Eenhana Town Council CEO Walde Ndevashiya. 

“We have been preaching that young people are the future leaders of tomorrow. Here is the opportunity to lead,” said Nghaamwa during an interview with New Era while reflecting on his 15 years in office. Nghaamwa stated during his tenure as governor, the budget was not sufficient for the region’s needs and it hampered his office to fully fulfill its mandate. Amongst many others, Nghaamwa said during his tenure, they fixed broken boreholes, which were also rehabilitated, built classrooms, connected water to schools. He also helped built a hostel at a school in the region and in some instances used his own funds to buy needed supplies. “In the region, we had water scarcity. We had broken boreholes which affected my people not to have water and the office of the governor sourced funds, purchased solar panels and fixed these boreholes to enable people to have drinking water,” he said. As he exists office, Nghaamwa said they planned to start harvesting rice in Ohangwena. The governor, who is passionate about education and a father to medical doctors, assisted learners from the region by sourcing funds to allow them to study in China. “Some have returned as medical doctors,” he proudly shared. Nghaamwa also responded to the call to construct a hostel at Omungwelume Secondary School, which he said is completed, but still need beds and mattresses. He called on people to make the necessary donations. When asked where to from here as he leaves the office, Nghaamwa said he is a farmer and businessman and will continue working together with leaders in his region. “When people look at me, they think I am old but I am not old in my brain to come up with new ideas,” he responded.

2020-04-15  Selma Ikela

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