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‘No one owes you anything’ 

2021-10-06  Staff Reporter

‘No one owes you anything’ 
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Emilie Shimbali


As people get older, they will be exposed to the real world, but some do not persevere in the face of difficulties. For others, it serves as a source of empowerment, motivating them to go the extra mile.

The latter speaks true of Fenni Tulipomwene Haimene, who started Fenny Cleaning Services in 2018 while she was a second-year student, in order to earn money to cover her taxi fare and school supplies including books.

Thus far, she has hired four women. 

“My parents are not well off, and they, too, have a lot of responsibilities, so they could not afford to give me a monthly allowance to cover my needs,” Haimene told Youth Corner.

Also known as ‘meme omuwapaleki’, the 23-year-old holds an honours degree in education from the International University of Management.

She was inspired to start cleaning services after witnessing her mother’s hardships as a street vendor. 

“I saw how hard she worked to make ends meet and provide everything that we needed. So, I thought about it and decided to lessen her burdens, and came up with this company.”

Fenny does laundry and cleaning, focusing on deep cleaning of homes and small offices. 

She advised other young people to do something for themselves and not be concerned about how crowded the industry is; “what matters is the energy”.

“Don’t sit back and wait for someone to feed you; no one owes you anything, and their money is not your money. Say no to poverty.”

She aspires to expand her business, with the big dream being to launch a cleaning television show or channel. 

Fenny Cleaning Services can be found on Facebook.

2021-10-06  Staff Reporter

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