• October 14th, 2019

NQA finally gets a council


Albertina Nakale Windhoek - A new council for the Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA) has finally been appointed following many months of uncertainty since the tenure of the last one, which came to an end on February 28, was not extended. New Era understands the absence of an NQA council affected the accreditation and approval of educational programmes of the various institutions of higher learning. The new council will serve for a three-year term. The council chairperson is Dr Gilbert Likando, deputized by Dr Anicia Peters among many other members and alternate members. The Minister of Higher Education, Training and Innovation Dr Itah Kandjii-Murang, who inaugurated the new council on Tuesday, said the 7th council is taking up the reins in times of a challenging economic outlook, and impending reviews of the legislative framework aimed at reinforcing the NQA’s powers of oversight as far as quality assurance of qualifications is concerned. The minister implored the council to take cognizance of, and play a critical role in, higher priority areas such as decision-making, which should be timeous, in the best interests of the nation, and be taken without fear or favour. She further exhorted them to be determined in the execution of fiduciary duties as individuals and a collective, as well as execute and abide by the governance and performance agreements. She said a new organizational structure has been initiated, hence the council needs to ensure that it is fully implemented. Equally, she urged them to oversee the implementation of quality assurance systems in the country, while maintaining ethical corporate governance culture. She said they should ensure cooperation and good relationship management with other umbrella bodies. “Safeguard the reputation of the country’s qualifications in terms of relevance and quality. Apply your minds and avail yourselves at all times to be of service to the nation.” She said the higher education sector is facing a number of challenges, which the council needs to assist in their resolution. “I am informed that attainment of a quorum had been a challenge in the past, but with commitment you will overcome the duplication and overlapping of roles within the higher education sector affecting the NQA, NTA [Namibia Training Authority] and the NCHE [National Council for Higher Education] to ascertain and monitor sustained compliance by higher education providers,” she said. Those on the council but are ex-officio members include Dr Alfred van Kent, Tuaunda Keeja, Professor Lazarus Hangula, Dr Ngepathimo Kadhila, Professor Tjama Tjivikua, Franz Gertze, Percy Masika, Mbeuta Ua-Ndjarakana, Tjiuai Kangueehi-Kaambo, Dr Moses Maurihungirire, Hilaria Namoloh, Dr Andreas Mwoombola, Petronella Masabane, Issaskar Ndjoze, Gladice Pickering, Willem Goeiemann, Andries Hungamo, Evelina Julius. Meanwhile, the members appointed by the minister in accordance with the NQA Act, Section 5(2)(g), are Susan Ntema, Alfred Tjihambuma, Inga Ndaningina, Dr Inaani Kahikuata-Kariko, Patrick Haingura, Lilia Shaningwa, Dr Henha Pomuti, Penoshinge Shililifa, Develias Uaire-Ngatjisiiue, Tuulikki Mwafufya-Shikongo, Postrick Kapule, Manda Bakkes, Dr Samuel John, Professor Frank Kavishe, Florentia Amuenye, Professor Samuel Amoo, Anne-Doris Hans-Kaumbi, Rosina Shuuya, Joseph Lewis. Others include Aina Avafia, Stanley H. Mbura, Loide Shaanika, Severin Tame, Anke Halenke, Dr Herbert Schneider, Desereé Karlien Cloete, Tuyeimo Petrus, Beverley Skrywer, Diana Mokhatu, Carlota David-Howoses, Liezl Davies, Hazel Milne, Erling Kavita, Agnes Yeboah, Johannes Magongo, Desire Loerring and Elia Shapwa.
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2017-12-08 09:59:56 1 years ago

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