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Official nabbed for ‘vehicle misuse’

2020-05-08  Obrien Simasiku

Official nabbed for ‘vehicle misuse’
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OMUTHIYA – A senior official at the Oshikoto Regional Council was on Wednesday arrested after he was found with three government vehicles without authorisation at his various residents. It is alleged the suspect bumped a Toyota Hilux pickup and hid it at a private school near Onyaanya, while a second vehicle, also a Toyota Hilux, was found at his residence at Onayena. 

The third pick up vehicle was found at his cattle post in the Okashana woodland. The suspect is expected to appear in court this morning. He faces three charges of reckless and negligent driving, failure to report an accident within 24 hours, as well as misuse of government property.
 Oshikoto police regional commander Armas Shivute said more charges were likely to be added as investigations continue. “I can confirm that the suspect was arrested and will appear in court. With this, I can say it is one of the police’s achievements involving a suspect feared by the public. He is known to be notorious with previous criminal cases against him,” said Shivute, while adding that it was during the investigation period that they found a third car was concealed by the suspect. 

Oshikoto governor Penda Ya Ndakolo said he was only informed of two vehicles allocated for use for his office when he resumed work last month.  “All I can say is that he under-declared some assets belonging to the governor’s office when I assumed duty; in fact, I only learnt of the third vehicle now when the matter was handed over to the police,” explained Ya Ndakolo. 

“I was told one car was due for service while the other had mechanical problems. As such, they were supposed to be taken back to the government garage to be worked on. But later on, I realised the said cars were missing in the parking lot and I was under the impression they were at the government garage until I received a tipoff that one of the vehicles was damaged and hidden somewhere.” 
Ya Ndakolo is yet to be allocated an official vehicle, as the available car left by his predecessor was deemed un-roadworthy. New Era was reliably informed that the suspect also wrote off a government vehicle three years ago. He was reportedly also involved in another accident with an official vehicle. Shivute said none of such cases or accidents was reported to the police. 

2020-05-08  Obrien Simasiku

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