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Okankolo grapples with network challenges

2020-02-13  Staff Reporter

Okankolo grapples with network challenges

Elina-Ombili Shishaki

OKANKOLO – Although MTC is working tirelessly to ensure that everyone has access to communication and has built network towers to ensure connections are made easier in different parts of the country, some areas seem still to be lagging behind. 

In this regard Okankolo constituency councillor Hans Nambondi highlighted that the network signal in some parts of his constituency are weak, adding that they will need four network towers to cater for different villages. 

Nambondi added that the roads are in a bad condition, making it difficult for people to get services from the constituency office.  “In 2001 there was a proposal for road construction from Okankolo to Onkumbula. This road could have benefited 14 schools in the constituency. Although the National Youth Service assisted with de-bushing, the road was not constructed,” Nambondi said.

He also revealed that another challenge facing the constituency is the lack of proper water points, which forces community members to travel long distances to access water. 

“Communities travel long distances just to get water, some even have to overnight at water points as water sometimes will be unavailable. We have received N$1,4 million from conservancies, and this money will be used to dig earth dams which will be fitted with a water reservoir and solar panel, thus able to cater for both animals and humans,” he added.

The conservancies are administered by the community in an effort to benefit them.
Besides that, the constituency also received N$150 000 from Osona Fishing Company which the regional council has topped up to make N$350 000 that will be used to drill a borehole at Ongala village. 

Like in other constituencies the issue of not having national identity documents is still the main challenge. The councillor commented that a number of people from the constituency don’t have national identity documents and it is also costly for them to travel to Omuthiya where the home affairs office is located.

2020-02-13  Staff Reporter

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