• February 26th, 2020

Okankolo residents will finally have toilets

OMUTHIYA - In an effort to improve hygiene and sanitation in rural areas, 26 toilets will soon be constructed in Okankolo constituency mainly targeting the elderly and disabled, the councillor Hans Nambodi informed New Era upon inquiry. 

He said materials for the sanitation project are already on site and construction will start soon, adding that this will provide short-term employment to the inhabitants. Nambodi said they are trying their level best to provide services to the people despite the struggling economy, pointing out to several water-pipeline projects underway and the recent electrification of a school.  “Development is going well despite our weak economy, and there are a number of successive projects that we have undertaken such as the electrification of Okandonga Combined School. Over N$1 million was spent and the cost was a bit high due to the distance from the main power grid. We also completed the construction of a community hall at Okankolo centre, which can accommodate 200 people. Nored is busy wiring the place for it to be fully complete,” stated Nambodi. “We now live at a time when electricity is needed more than ever, especially in schools as everything now revolves on a digital world, thus we are working towards electrifying more schools in the constituency. The next in line will be Omeyantalala and others, when funds are available,” he said. Other activities include the roll-out of a water pipeline to areas with little access to clean drinking water. The projects include that from Othimbika-Hashihaya primary through Oshiya, as well as Ndjango Shitemba leading up to Eholo. 

“These are strategic projects because they pass through areas where there are government infrastructure such as schools. Although all is going well, I am concerned with the low-pressure system of water, especially during the day,” stressed Nambodi.  Although he is satisfied with the progress made so far, he also expressed concern with the poor road infrastructure in the constituency that has been making it difficult to reach some areas, thus affecting service delivery. “Poor to no road infrastructure is one of the biggest challenges we are facing – we are however pinning our hopes on the next financial year if there might be a budget allocation to improve the roads, especially the gravel road from Onyati to Onkumbula,” said the councillor.

Obrien Simasiku
2019-02-27 09:39:27 | 11 months ago

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