• September 30th, 2020

Okondaunue PS gets shot in arm from Debmarine

Selma Gumbo

OPUWO – Okondaunue Primary School (PS) in Opuwo town yesterday became the beneficiary of Debmarine Namibia’s generous donation of 84 chairs and 42 double tables valued at over N$30 000.
Okondaunue  Primary School  was founded in 2015 with 260 learners but today the school boasts 745 learners  from grade 1 to 7. The school has 24 teachers.

With the fast growing numbers of learners, the school is faced with many challenges, chief of which is a need for extra classrooms, lack of chairs and desks, and ablution facilities.

Debmarine Namibia came to the rescue when they heeded principal Rosa Tjeundo’s plea for assistance.
Handing over the desks and chairs, Godfrey Ngatiheue of Debmarine said: “Debmarine is a Namibian company, mining Namibian resources which we are supposed to share with all of the Namibian nation, more especially the Namibian child who are the leaders of tomorrow.” 

In his keynote address Moses Tjipurua !Omeb, special adivisor to the Kunene governor, thanked Debmarine Namibia for helping the Namibian child especially the vulnerable ones. 

“We are appealing to other companies to follow suit because the Namibian child needs all of us, the development of the Namibian child needs every Namibian,” !Omeb said.

The principal Rosa Tjeundo and the education inspector of Opuwo, Albert Tjiuma, echoed the same setiments, calling on other stakeholders to follow suit with any donation to help alleviate the challenges the school faces.

*Selma Gumbo is an information officer working for the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology in Kunene Region.

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