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Opel’s new Crossland X offers the best of everything

2019-04-11  Pinehas Nakaziko

Opel’s new Crossland X offers the best of everything

WINDHOEK- Life could not be much better with the new Opel Crossland X that was introduced in the local market earlier this year. Now available at local dealers, Auas Motors, the Crossland X consists of an array of astonishing features that are breath-taking, stylishly designed as well as filled with streamlined technology, flexibility and comfort. 

With the well-rounded Crossover, this Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) matches well with the urban and rural lifestyles due to the small and sleek SUV design. Being refined yet dynamic, the Crossland X excels well with its practical and sporty elegance. 

Launched in Namibia by Auas Motors, the sole retailer of Opel and Isuzu in the country, with more than seven branches nation-wide, locals should no longer worry about being comfortable in their own zones, especially with the new Crossland, that is gradually becoming a more popular option for motoring enthusiasts.  

Engrossed in a culture of excellence and through visionary and dynamic leadership, Candy Muller from Nictus says the cars are available in six models; Crossland X 1.2 Cosmo, 1.2TCosmos, 1.2N M/T, 1.2 Enjoy T M/T as well as 1.2 Enjoy 1.2T AT. The vehicle can be purchased at a reasonable and affordable price with the entry level Crossland X 1.2 N M/T starting at N$297 513, while the top of the range Cosmo retails for approximately N$385 000. 

With the small crossover market being a booming segment, it’s only natural that every brand with volume aspirations would want to compete. But the Crossland X is based on the same platform as the Peugeot 2008, which has been described as an underrated product that people still love. 

Looking closely at the vehicle’s design and packaging, especially in terms of size, the new Crossland X fits perfectly within its segment. Its proportions (slightly longer and narrower) do however contribute to a somewhat awkward appearance, especially on the relatively small wheels of this derivative. 

Available in limited colours, it’s arguably not the most flattering, and the flagship Cosmo, with its optional two-tone exterior treatment and larger wheels, shows that there is some inherent stylishness to the design that has lacked in this model. As it stands, this derivative is perfectly inoffensive. 

Inside, it’s typically Opel, with the predominantly dark finishes and trim only occasionally broken by satin-silver inlays. For the most part, the quality appears solid, with a soft-touch upper facia and leather-wrapped steering wheel providing tactile reassurance that this isn’t a budget offering.  A fined blend of efficiency and performances, the Crossland X is said to have a powerful and efficient petrol engine that never fails to deliver on economic and yet exciting driving. 

While Opel very much wants its fans to think the Crossland X is more of a SUV than MPV, the reality is that when one strips away the typical Crossover plastic cladding, there is nothing SUV about it. 

The ride height is pegged at 124mm, which is only just sufficient to climb a kerb. Nevertheless, the plump 195/60 tyres contribute to a good ride quality on gravel, which is probably as far as one will ever be seen venturing “off-road”. 
In many ways, Crossland X appears to be the sweet spot in the range. On the entertainment side, the Crossland X system includes Android Auto and Apple Carplay, in addition to the usual USB/Aux and Bluetooth functionality. 

Also, in the terms of comfort, there really is precious little to complain about the Crossland X vehicle. As per usual for an Opel, the steering wheel is adjustable for rake and reach, and the driver’s seat in this model is manually height-adjustable, too. 

Finding a very comfortable driving position is therefore easy. In the rear, one can slide the bench backwards to prioritise legroom. Automated wipers and lights, as well as cruise control and climate control are also included as standard.
Locals can request a test drive at the Auas Motors on booking, as there is a limited number of demonstration vehicles available. 

2019-04-11  Pinehas Nakaziko

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