• September 26th, 2020

Operation Hornkranz must go on

I would like to extend my revolutionary greetings to His Excellency Dr Hage Geingob for having the Namibian people at heart. Operation Hornkranz is well received and it must go on. 

Our society has degenerated, crime has been rising year by year, it is so hard to speak freely on one’s phone in Windhoek without fearing that someone will grab your phone, it  has gotten to a point where petty thieves will rob people in cars at traffic lights in broad daylight, people are living in fear. There is a serious moral decay in Namibia and it needs serious attention. 
The soldiers are out on the streets and their presence is felt, Namibia needs that discipline, we want to feel safe in our country, we want to walk around freely without fearing that someone will attack us and take our belongings. 
Our tourists, who are major contributors to our economy, are no longer safe. Every now and then it’s a new story on certain tourists being robbed or murdered. Enough is enough.

Yes, soldiers are trained for war and Namibia is at war, there is a serious war among us, gender-based violence, robbery , road accidents and murder all constitutes a serious threat to our peace and stability.
We need our soldiers to fight for us, to defeat the real enemy among us. 

They cannot be idling waiting for a foreign war, they should be active participants in Namibia first. 
I find it really interesting that some young people are speaking out against the operation on social media as far as suggesting that it should be ended completely, it is really disappointing because it was the same people complaining that the soldiers are being paid for doing nothing. 

I think young people should be serious for once and not overlook the seriousness of crime in Namibia. 
So many young people end up in jail because of crime, so many futures have been destroyed by drugs and alcohol, the operation must go on , the soldiers must not leave any stone unturned, now is the time to wipe crime out of our country.

New Era Reporter
2019-01-18 09:25:01 | 1 years ago

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