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Opinion - Be a visionary person in year 2021

2021-01-06  Staff Reporter

Opinion - Be a visionary person in year 2021

Paulus Simaneka Shapaka

There is a saying that “you maybe be the most educated person, yet the foolish person on earth if you don’t have a vision/ dream”. Therefore, in the upcoming year 2021, I am writing this article to advise the Namibian youths or anybody who want to attain notable success and achievement in life to be different, and have visions/ dreams for his or her life, and family. In life, we must avoid being like a piece of paper that goes with wind everywhere. If the wind goes to the toilet it goes, if the wind blows into the kitchen – then it follows, this is not life. 

As a youth, you must develop 12 months plan and work out your monthly and daily activities of how would you get there. If you don’t have a personal vision for your life, every road that you see will look like a way. Road of gossiping and division at your workplace – you join, Road of alcohol and drug abuse – you join, the road of prostitution – you join. Is that life? As leaders for tomorrow, stand as man or woman of principle. If you cannot discipline and control yourself, how can you instil discipline in your children at home? It is just impossible to do that if you are out of control.  

Young woman, you cannot be at the age of 30 stands and tell others (world) that you are beautiful and every man is running for sex with you. It is foolishness. Let that man come for marriage and if he does not want, then let him go. You are not his laboratory testing ground for his manhood. Ok? In addition to that, as a man above the age of 25 years old with or without a fiancé, you must start saving for your wedding this year 2021, to avoid unnecessary debt when the time comes. This is what it means to be a visionary person. 

Furthermore, God says in Proverb 21v20 “The wise have wealth and luxury, but fools spend whatever they get (NLT). I did not say this, but God did. Therefore, I want everyone to start saving for the next 12 months to avoid unnecessary frustrations encountered by many due to financial disorder. First, before you use your salary, set aside a portion for saving (32 days account). The rule for money management is that you can postpone the expenditures, but don’t postpone your savings. You must not go to Cash loans for a car, cellphones, etc while you are not ready, Avoid unhealthy competitions that put you in debt this year. 

In addition to that, never look for financial advice from the wrong people/places: An accountant in debt will never teach you how to come out of debt if s/he can be paid commission on your loan. If you need a loan of N$10 000.00 they will tell you to take N$1 million, because she wants to be paid a high commission. Look for advice from people who excelled better in any field, not otherwise. If your marriage is failing, never seek councils from a pastor who signed 10 divorces; rather seek advice from your grandpa who is still with grandma for the past 50 years.
This year 2021, choose your friends wisely, because not every person is needed in your inner circle if you want to go far in life. There is a Japanese Proverbs that says, “Tell me your friends, and I will tell you who you are”;

 Don’t be a friend of negative programmed people, soon or later you become just negative for nothing
Stay with the right people, who can build you, and not destroyers, and those who can bless you, but not cursing you
Don’t be with the ones that tell stories that make people hate one another. Propagate love and not hatred.
Avoid being friends with people who are going nowhere but love them anyway.

 In conclusion, I advise every Namibian youth to be different to achieve greater successes more than ever before in this year 2021, by charting our course and destiny. One should beware that, whenever you are going up, look for people who are high then you to take you higher. When you stand on the shoulders of those who are ahead of you – you will see far. Remember; where your capacity can take you in your church, family, society and workplace, only your character can keep you there. Therefore, above all things in the year 2021, take care of your attitude. 

2021-01-06  Staff Reporter

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