• September 18th, 2020

Opinion - Economic life: Experiencing a metamorphosis scenario

Picking up from where we left off is a painful situation and it’s best to look ahead to implement strategies that affected the prior V-shape epidemics of the models. Although for most companies it’s helpful to think of the competitors and enhance strong regulation depending on the customers, clients and contracts to promote economic activities. The pandemic is the biggest challenge compared to World War II; as a result, the opportunity for change is great as we live in a digital era.
Where do we stand?

We experience a severe demand crisis due to shops and restaurants that are not operating at full capacity and as a result leads to significant less spending. This is a period to take different measures to recalibrate consumers’ attitudes and what is it that we really need. The retail sectors in the economy are vulnerable – in addition to this we will need to rely on local production which is our antibiotic. There is a significant trade-off relationship between risk and real returns in the volatile financial markets. 

Emphasis concerned about an exponential growth compounds interest and maturing technology improves the implications facing the consumer’s high degree of uncertainty. Implying an advanced technology is important to assist the people who do not have access to internet connectivity to ensure network towers in place for service providers to be efficient since the access to remote activities becomes crucial across different sectors which is more efficient.
The response to the individual’s reaction will be part of the solution for a better outcome during this scenario of change. The present findings are of significance to policymakers as the slowdown causes an economic loss and budget constraints. People are dying, workers are being retrenched and there is a drastic slowdown for the financial markets and economic commodities.  

An intensified de-globalization would occur as well as more regulation. More emphasis on trade and financial investments may recover to ease the operation of competitive markets for a much more targeted focus on economies of scale. 
Climate change is improving because of less air pollution hence, less energy is used for production and emitting greenhouse gases therefore we need to take our resources and turn them into the things we need to survive. The internal environment of the economy will not really change in terms of how and where production will be located and the impacts of creating value from human capital.
Unfortunately there is evidence of a breakdown in the labour market. High unemployment rate is a definite problem and entrepreneurship is being considered for the youth to start and develop business plans.

Staff Reporter
2020-09-03 09:37:47 | 15 days ago

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