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Opinion - Namibia has become a predators’ paradise

2020-10-13  Staff Reporter

Opinion - Namibia has become a predators’ paradise

Aikela Joseph Tangeni

Let me express my views from my wretched soul about the escalation of gender-based violence (GBV) pandemic, which is the current topic of today. According to the media reports, there is a rapid increase in GBV and abuse against women and children, yet there are no resolutions or actions taken against the offenders.

Human trafficking and GBV against women and children have found shelter in our beloved country, Namibia. These are an old phenomenon, the occurrence of which appears to be frightfully on the increase in the present days of Namibia. So far, there are no accurate statistics on their magnitude, and what is reported represents only the tip of the iceberg.
Our government and families tend to deny the existence of the current issues or remain quiet about it with no actions to be taken. Why shall we fear, unsafely and sobbing be imposed on our innocent people like this? 

For how long are we going to allow the predators to erase our beloved nation? Who will take care of our children if you are killing the women? Who will be the leaders and generations of tomorrow if you are raping and killing our children? The aforesaid questions need immediate answers to all of us!

The word “abuse” is a repulsive act committed by an adult and directed at a defenceless individual who ought to be protected rather than abused (Landsberg, 2011). It is all the more repulsive because an older and stronger person deliberately harms a young defenceless individual. Hence, it is so awkward, cowardice and heart-breaking when the offender who is supposed to be the child or woman’s custodian, caregiver and protector and is a killer.

To my fellow men out there and fellow humans, egoism and being superior does not mean killing, raping and kidnapping the innocent souls. Let’s all sail in the same boat; let’s all sing one song in protecting our beloved women and children. There is no merit after being a killer or women abuser! Men should demonstrate and portray the value of manhood to love, care and protect our families and Namibia at large. Who will save Namibia, our motherland, if we turned into monsters and predators? Let’s change!

In conclusion, it is like our lawmakers turn a blind eye to these notorious incidents that are currently happening in the country. I would therefore recommend our government, specifically the lawmakers to revisit and amend some policies towards GBV, the protection of women and children in Namibia.  There should be a stiff punitive measure to reduce violence in Namibia. Men should form up an awareness campaign to discuss pertinent issues and important matter on how to behave towards women and children. Namibia is not a shelter for predators! Say no to GBV! Stop killing our beloved ones!

2020-10-13  Staff Reporter

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