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Opinion - Professor Joseph Diescho: Creepy to Swapo

2021-04-16  Staff Reporter

Opinion - Professor Joseph Diescho: Creepy to Swapo
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If wisdom and knowledge cannot be fused to establish a seamless intellectual bond, then good judgement in the application of the acquired knowledge suffers and the result is the prominence in stupidity, as opposed to being wise. 

At this stage, certainly if Namibia has produced the best, productive and constructive professors, it will be a clear betrayal on one’s conscious to include you, Professor Joseph Diescho on such a list.    

Your continued attacks on Swapo leadership, the governance system and  personally on the President  of the country is not an enticement that attracts public appeal, but enchantments which only inspire the hiding horse masters that are  using you  as a racing horse without a true owner or master. 

I have deliberately decided to timeout from my routine publications in taxation and finance where  I have knowledge propensity, to address the growing impudence which you display towards the national leadership and the Swapo Party structures, so that if possible, miscarriage the pregnancy of arrogance that you have  been carrying over the years, towards the national leadership.    

Your accusing fingers and the characterisation of your persona is evident in a series of articles that you published, among others that Swapo’s victory claims culminating in the attainment of the country’s independence is  falsified, in the context that resolution 435 was a step of compromise without a winner from either parties. 

You may be entitled to your own opinion, but my opinion and I guess the opinion of most Namibians who suffered at the hands of colonialism and apartheid is that you are wearing a hat of hypocrisy of the highest order.  That is you, Diescho.  

A scholar who downplays the independence and liberty of his own country after thirty years of heated  war, to fight more than one hundred years of colonial oppression  and countless Namibians massacred  in the process by the oppressor.  

Can such statements inspire any normal human beings and Namibians for that matter, whose relatives  that sacrificed to liberate the land are buried in unmarked graves, amputated, lame, orphaned and confined to  wheel chairs for the rest of their lives because of the  sacrifices  made to liberate the country and here you are, implying that Swapo has no merit to claim victory?  Only smelly hypocrites can be inspired by such a narrative.    

You are in a contempt formation, with your gnashing teeth towards the President of the country to demand his resignation, exactly to the delight  and influences of your hypocritical hidden masters, who only use you for their convenience to repair their torn political shoes, while yourself you remain a popular shoe repairer without shoes, but a barefooted, homeless settler in Europe.  

If your brain suffers from academic intoxication, it is never too late for you to engage in constructive activities that can inspire the young generation through policy analysis publications or equally establish your own Mussolini University to radicalise your learners.        

You insinuate, with courage  that the President is not fighting corruption sufficiently  enough and that his efforts are nothing, but just repeated historic hymns. Suffice to say, your selectivecrucification  of  President  Geingob  in the fight against corruption lacks substance, is annoying in every respect and is a pure reflection of perfumed hypocrisy.  

President Geingob is the third President of the country and only serving his sixth year as Head of State. If you are a true crusader of anti-corruption, why is your anti-corruption bible only inclined to the New Testament regime and not the Old Testament scripts and happenings of  1990-2015?   

You are a coward Judas Iscariot academician who chooses to pick a fight with John the Baptist, but so terribly tail scared, with the tail tucked tightly between your legs, that you cannot dare the ancient political Pharaohs of the land, whose reign  had numerous misdeeds under your watchful eyes and haired nostril.   If you imply that corruption is anointed and rife today, in which direction were you looking, when corruption was being baptized, nurtured and watered during the yesteryears before Dr Hage Geingob became President?  This is a known fact, but you choose first grade hypocrisy to crucify President  Geingob and his leadership as if the last 25 years before him were the years of holy governance and purity.  These were the years of looting on an industrial scale, but  the central powers that be at that time, entertained the status quo. You are selling an illusion to your conscious to advance an impaired doctrine that President Geingob did not  contribute enough to the liberation for independence  compared to the likes of Mr Jacob Zuma, in all earnest to impress nobody else, but the combined inanity  of those that seek to regain the  lost  political ensconce.  

You can change history, but you cannot twist the facts which will remain indelible, that President Geingob represented Swapo at the United Nations, among others, before  becoming  the first Prime Minister of Namibia and third republican  President. The leadership of Swapo placed him in strategic positions close to the instruments of power because they knew his level of delivery and dedication to the cause.  While President Geingob was receiving accolades for good leadership during the liberation for independence, I will not be off the tangent  to suggest that, you were also receiving outstanding merits and accredition from the apartheid regime for being the best stay-put overseas Koevoet ambassador. Yes!  It is this historic political DNA in you  which suppresses your conscious not to easily acknowledge Swapo’s liberation victory.  

You fell at the doorsteps of  disgrace, lost moral compass,  but picked-up the dust of  shame  when your social media circulating article,  makes  reference to the First Lady as cohabiting with the President using taxpayers’ money. One would expect that at your age and stature, vocabulary that depicts maturity and respect, ought to take  precedence. 

The deliberate and selective approach to demonise national leadership, but ignoring  the real facts, classifies you as being a political underdog with creepy feelings.

2021-04-16  Staff Reporter

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