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Opinion - Rundu must get its house in order

2021-10-19  Staff Reporter

Opinion - Rundu must get its house in order
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Denis Manuel


It is with great sadness that after more than 30 years of being an independent country, we still experience crises such as the situation the Rundu Town Council finds itself in.

 I do not blame the residents of Rundu, but this is happening because of the maladministration in RTC. 

What is more unbelievable is how a town like Rundu owes so much money to NamWater while there is a whole river fully flowing yearly. 

It is not about the people settling their accounts with RTC but how it runs the town.

 Something is just not right in Rundu. 

Apart from the water being closed, there are still situations such as the issues of poor road infrastructure in the town. 

This is just to show that RTC is administered by incompetent and arrogant management that does not care about its inhabitants. 

For three days, there was no water in the town – and the masses took to the streets, demanding the governor to take up the issue with RTC. 

People in Rundu need to be rescued; they need someone to listen to their cries, as this has been going on for long. 

I remember when Kavango East governor honorable Bonifatius Wakudumo spoke in his state of the region address that one of his key priorities in his tenure is to focus on creating many green schemes in the region, as well as empowering the youth. 

As a youth from that region, it is disheartening to see my fellow youth roaming the streets without any focus or plans of making a living due to the fact that the authority is not prioritising its youths by creating opportunities for them. 

The office of the Kavango governor is allocated a budget that also caters for the youth in the region. 

The question is, do the funds allocated to cater for the youth defeat its purpose? There is not much of youth activities going on in the region. 

2021-10-19  Staff Reporter

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