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Oshakati employees to down tools

2022-05-23  Aletta Shikololo

Oshakati employees to down tools
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Oshakati – The mayor of Oshakati, Leornard Hango, has cautioned the council’s employees to be patient and refrain from taking their grievances to the streets, saying it will negatively impact residents.

Following an unresolved dispute over a request for a 7% pay increase, the employees allegedly resorted to going on strike in the coming weeks.

“There is imminent strike from our employees, and we continue to warn them that the strike will exacerbate and worsen this whole situation because if people down tools for even a week in the local authority, it is going to be very messy because we have to provide services to our residents, and they will be the one to suffer at the end,” warned Hango.

Hango further urged them to remain calm while they are engaging with relevant stakeholders to find amicable solutions.

“Discussions are at a high level so that we can find the possible interventions. We are waiting for the central government to pronounce itself. We are pleading so they at least give 3% to 4% – as long as our people are at ease,” he said.

He, however, said if the government said there is no money to increase salaries, then there is possibly no money, and employees should understand until there is money for a better increment.

There has been no salary increment for the Oshakati Town Council employees for the past three years, which Hango said does not sit well with their employees. 

“NAPWU is fighting for them to get their increment. It is a pity that during our financial year 2021/22, we have included the anticipated salary increment of 7% in our budget, and it was approved by the line ministry for effect,” said Hango, adding that somewhere in between, the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development received a Cabinet decision that there will be no salary increment for all government employees.

“Therefore, the ministry went with that directive. So, that is why they could not approve the increment, despite that the same increment was in our budget for our financial year 2021/2022, but we are still discussing the matter because we really feel for our employees,” he added.

Earlier this month, the majority of employees voted for a strike, subjected to the labour commission in terms of an agreement on the rules.


2022-05-23  Aletta Shikololo

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