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Oshikoto borehole water unsafe for consumption

2023-06-26  Max Heinrich

Oshikoto borehole water unsafe for consumption

ONGWEDIVA – The water of five Oshikoto boreholes, costing approximately N$4 million, is deemed unsafe for human and animal consumption.

The region, which continues to face water scarcity, especially in the deep rural areas where water pressure is low, carried out an experimental intervention in rural constituencies which are historically prone to salty underground water.

Oshikoto regional governor Penda Ya Ndakolo said during his State of the Region Address that the experimental intervention for the water challenge was conducted by the division of rural water supply but unfortunately, none of the five boreholes had water safe for consumption.

“The division is currently busy with the desalination process in order to cleanse the water and make it suitable for consumption,” he added.

The regional head of water supply Stevenson Tuukondjele said the boreholes were drilled because of water scarcity.

“We drilled 250 metres deep into the ground, and realised that the water was very salty,” he noted.

Tuukondjele said the water is unfortunately too salty to even be used for agricultural purposes, and can cause serve health problems in humans and animals if consumed.

He thus urged community members to be patient while the desalination process is being implemented, and to take care of the little water they have.

“The material and chemicals to be used in the process and the filters for the water will be imported from other countries, and the good thing is that the process does not take much time,” Tuukondjele continued.

Apart from the unsafe boreholes, the division has managed to drill and install six boreholes at six villages which are successfully providing safe drinking water.

The division of marginalised communities installed solar pumping systems at a cost of N$600 000, which supply the community with clean potable water at the Khausones farm and Ondera farm.

The Omuthiya Town Council is expected to complete a ground reservoir and elevated tank of N$6 million in September this year, which will serve the residents’ water needs.

The Tsumeb Municipality is likewise rehabilitating the town’s reservoir, which will enhance bulk water infrastructure and safeguard the quality of potable water to alleviate the town’s present water problems.

2023-06-26  Max Heinrich

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