• September 22nd, 2020

Osona donates to Hardap households 

Lorato Khobetsi-Slinger 

Hardap regional governor, Esme Isaack, has urged beneficiaries to use food items donated to them for their own use and not sell them to shebeen owners in exchange for alcohol. 

The governor was speaking at the handing over of 250 food parcels donated by Osona Fishing and Namibia Dairies. 

The donation, worth N$80 000, is part of the fishing company’s social corporate responsibility programme.
According to the governor, it appeared to her that some inhabitants of Hardap region have been selling food items donated to them to shebeen owners. 

“I am urging you, beneficiaries, who will receive food items today not to sell them for alcohol. This donation is for you and your immediate family. I am calling on you; don’t waste the donation. It can fill your stomach for a couple of days,” encouraged Isaack.

The donation will benefit 250 poverty-stricken households from the Mariental urban and rural, 
as well as Rehoboth rural constituencies.   “We are well aware of the ongoing drought that has been plaguing our country for the past few years, which has caused a great deal of misery in our communities,” noted Osona Fishing chairperson Linus Nahole.

“We hope that this donation will contribute in some small measure to the government’s drought relief effort as much as it is indicative of our deeply rooted drive towards cooperate social responsibility.”

According to Isaack, the government has launched various projects to curb socio economic crises such as poverty, hunger and undernourishment. She further thanked the companies for showing their commitment in joining the government to develop comprehensive food security plans.

“The Hardap region pledges its support to end hunger by engaging various stakeholders to fight this phenomenon tooth and nail. We will ensure, through common action, to equip our people with self-sustenance,” expressed Isaack.

The governor also appealed to the inhabitants of Hardap region who have fishing quotas to plough back to their communities.

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