• September 28th, 2020

Osona Fishing ploughs back  to the needy 

Hileni Mwandingi

GOBABIS - Osona Fishing Company donated canned fish, maize meal and cooking oil to needy households of Omaheke region yesterday.

Deputy board chairperson of Osona Fishing Corjaneil Christovao handed over the donations, saying their company is aware of the prevailing drought and the unfavourable economic climate in the country, which has put the government under severe pressure.

“We hope this donation will contribute, in some small measure, to the government’s drought relief effort, as much as it is indicative of our deeply rooted drive towards corporate social responsibility,” she said. 
Christovao also expressed their gratitude to the ministry of fisheries for its enlightened policy of localising the fishing sector, saying it is that policy that enabled them to plough back into the communities. 
She called on the beneficiaries to only use the donated items for the sustenance of their bodies and not anything else.

“To the members of the community who will be receiving these donations today, I can only say: enjoy, but remember that these are the fruits of hard work so use them for the substance of your bodies and for nothing else. If you do that, other organizations might just follow the example of Osona and the blessings of ploughing back will forever rain down on your community.”

She added that the company is committed to sharing and ploughing back, and will continue doing so for as long as it exists.

Accepting the donation, Omaheke governor Festus Ueitele said although the government is trying much to address the multiple needs of all people, it is impossible to satisfy all of them on its own and thus the support and involvement of other sectors in the transformation of community development is greatly appreciated. 
He thus praised Osona Fishing Company for the donation.

“That being said, I whole-heartedly applaud Osona Fishing Company for this outstanding initiative, and for this noble and generous donation. I wish to congratulate you for this giant step you took in order to reach out to your fellows by taking the weak, neglected and vulnerable by their hands through this donation.”

He urged the community to show their gratitude by taking ownership of the noble donation and ensuring that the donated items are used for their intended purpose and not sold or exchanged for alcohol at shebeens. The food items were distributed to the beneficiaries in Gobabis, while the rest will be distributed in Aminuis, Witvlei and Otjinene constituencies respectively.

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