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Ou Stakes is still in the game

2020-11-17  Staff Reporter

Ou Stakes is still in the game
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Jeoffrey Mukubi

It is no doubt that Ou Stakes is one of the pioneers and backbone of the Damara Punch genre alongside other legends like the late Phura, Rafael and Pele, and he’s still doing the most for the ever-evolving Ma/Gaisa genre.

The living legend recently gave a stellar and nostalgic performance at the 2020 Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) and the only apparent difference from his hay days is that he has gotten a tat bit older. 

In a recent interview with the ‘Bobo’ hitmaker reminisced about the old days when one of his friends, the late Phura, used to eat out of the same plate.

“Phura was my friend even before the music, we played soccer in the streets together. That’s how long I knew him. Even after starting our musical journeys, we knew we were the best and we were both willing to share the spotlight together because we knew what we created was going to be here for a long time,” said Ou Stakes who was formerly known as Stanley.
Speaking on the evolution of Damara Punch, Ou Stakes says that the genre has sort of taken a new form, because of the popularity and influence from outside. 

“You can definitely hear the difference in the music today. Guys like T-Bozz and Staika or women like Adora are mixing it with other genres like Amapiano or house and adding new elements but all we can do is change with the times as well. One thing I’m sure of is that the genre will never die,” he said. 
Since releasing /Usen ta Tide and a recent feature with Kinzzo, Ou Stakes is adamant that he’s not done yet. has learned that Ou Stakes has been recording an album, which only needs one more song to be completed. He is planning to release it in early December. 
“I don’t have a name for it yet, because most of the songs are bangers but I’m working on it and it will have a mixture of the old and the new,” he said. Notable features on the album include Jukebox killers, Kinzzo as well as T-Bozz and Staika. 

2020-11-17  Staff Reporter

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