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‘Our child was thrown away like nothing’

2020-12-01  Eveline de Klerk

‘Our child was thrown away like nothing’

WALVIS BAY – The slain woman from Swakopmund whose lifeless and naked body was discovered last week Wednesday close to Vierkantklip was allegedly spotted in Mondesa in the company of an unknown man hours before her gruesome death. 

Police are trying to piece together the events leading up to the murder of Jennefer Daniels.  
The 26-year-old mother of three was reportedly living with her boyfriend in DRC. She allegedly went to work at a café where she was employed as a waitress but never returned home that evening. 
Her close relatives, Henry and Jaqueline Izaaks, during a visit to their family home in Mondesa said they last saw their niece on 7 November when she came around her house for a quick visit. 

“I even asked her to bring her baby so that I could meet the latest addition to the family, not knowing that it will be the last time we will see her alive,” Jacqueline said yesterday. 

According to Jaqueline, her other cousin arrived last week Wednesday with the police at her house. 
“I immediately knew that something happened to her as I was overwhelmed with sadness at that time,” said Jaqueline who is still battling to come to terms with the way her niece died. 

According to the aunt, the police traced Daniels to a local café where she was employed. 
“Her colleagues then put the police in contact with a cousin who brought them to my house.”
She also said that the family was devastated by the manner in which Daniels died and now hopes the public would help them to get justice for her death. 

“She was badly hurt.  Our child died a horrific death and on top of that, she was thrown away like nothing. It is something that one does not wish on anyone,” she said.

Last moments
Henry yesterday also said children whom Daniels previously lived with in the same yard as well as a female acquaintance, spoke to her on Tuesday evening. 

“The children accompanied by their mother came around on Sunday and shared that Daniels called them from one of the shebeens and spoke to them.  
She allegedly also introduced the children to a dark in complexion middle aged man that was wearing glasses,” Henry said. 

“The other woman whom Daniels also knew well also spoke to her. She also shared that Daniels was not herself in the company of the man whom she did not recognise,” he explained. 
He added that all this information has been shared with the police to assist with investigations. 
Henry also indicated that they are still waiting for the post-mortem but are hoping to lay Daniels to rest next weekend in Swakopmund. 

According to him, Daniels was raised by her grandmother who lives in Arandis. The grandmother is currently also taking care of her children, including the three-month-old baby. 
Community must come forward

Meanwhile, crime investigations coordinator for the Erongo police, Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu yesterday said that they are following up on all possible leads to solve the case.
“However, the public must come forward. This murder happened within the community. So, they must help us solve it,” said Iikuyu.

Anyone with information can contact Iikuyu at 081 246 4757 or detective Warrant Officer John Geiseb at 081 262 9842 or the nearest police station. 

2020-12-01  Eveline de Klerk

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