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Over 2 000 Angolan migrants linger in Omusati

2021-05-27  Nuusita Ashipala

Over 2 000 Angolan migrants linger in Omusati
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While Angolan migrants at Etunda in the Omusati region wait on their government to take a stance on what to do about their situation, their numbers continue to swell.

Omusati governor Erginus Endjala said the number of refugees now stands at 2 383.

Since their arrival, 14 babies have been born at the camp.

The first group is reported to have arrived in Namibia in early March to escape hunger in their country of birth.

During the last meeting with the Angolan government, the migrants were briefed on the possibility of being repatriated.

Endjala said this plan was received with mixed feelings.

He said while some were ready to pack up, others were reluctant to go, opting to stay at least until the next rainy season.

They fear that if they leave before it rains in their villages, they might be exposed to worse conditions than those they experienced at the camp.

“This is now where we stand. We are waiting for the Angolan government to come back with the final decision on what will happen to the people here,” said Endjala.

He said the Angolan government is also exploring the possibility of setting up a camp where they will be providing the migrants with food in Angola while they wait for the next rainy season before they can return to their homes.

Meanwhile, the migrants have been assisted with food from the Namibian government and good Samaritans since they first arrived in Namibia.

But there are fears that one day the Samaritans who have been feeding them may run out of food, thus the Angolan government is encouraging them to return home.

With Coronavirus cases said to be soaring in Angola, no symptoms have been detected in the migrants arriving or those who are already at the camp.

New Era understands that upon arrival, the migrants only showed symptoms related to hunger.


2021-05-27  Nuusita Ashipala

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