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Pensioner loses N$116 000 to ‘traditional healer

2023-07-07  Festus Hamalwa

Pensioner loses N$116 000 to ‘traditional healer

ONGWEDIVA – Oshana police are investigating a case of theft under false pretences after a pensioner was allegedly scammed out of N$116 000 by a traditional healer. 

The incident occurred on 30 May 2023 in Oshakati, but it was reported to the police only last week. 

New Era, however, understands that the victim withdrew the case after the healer refunded her N$80 000. 

The traditional healer in question is well known for posting videos of his alleged patients on social media, praising him for his “good work”. 

Of late, he has also been active on social media, posting as a ‘philanthropic doctor’, giving money to the needy. He, however, does not post his face on these posts. 

Oshana police commander Naftal Sakaria said the complainant, a resident of Onambele village in the Oshikoto region, sought help for her mentally ill son, but the traditional healer diagnosed the woman with an illness. 

“Initially, they agreed on N$400 for consultation and N$8 000 for the son’s treatment,” said Sakaria. 

During the treatment process, the healer allegedly stopped, claiming that he received an urgent instruction/ vision that the mother of the patient had an illness and required treatment too. 

The healer allegedly claimed the woman had snakes in her body, and the fee to remove them would be N$100 000 in cash. She then went ahead, withdrew the cash and handed it over to the traditional healer. 

The healer allegedly provided her with herbs and a powder before discharging them. 

After reflecting on the turn of events, the woman realised that she was scammed and decided to report the matter to the police. 

The traditional healer in question acknowledged that he received the money from the elderly woman, but that it was N$108 000 and not N$116 000 as reported to the police. 

He claims the woman gave the money out of her free will. 

“After treating her son, she told me she also had some problems, which I will not divulge. She then gave me N$100 000 as a payment that I didn’t ask for,” he narrated. 

“I am a well-known traditional healer in this country. I am not fake,” he claimed. 

Last week, Oshana police held a meeting with community members in the Uuvudhiya constituency to address the issue of the traditional healers, witchdoctors and charismatic pastors in the region. 

2023-07-07  Festus Hamalwa

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